How Right-Hand Hires to Support Innovation and Customer Success

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CISOs or CTOs are usually looking for high-caliber cybersecurity talent. At Right-Hand Cybersecurity, we aim to support these professionals in their fight. So our mission is to hire people who share our core values, feel empowered and excited to join us, and are eager to make humans in our customers’ organizations more defensible against cyber threats.

It’s our hardcore belief that the path to customer happiness and satisfaction is always through ensuring employee happiness and fulfillment. The mission that Right-Hand aims to follow and live every day is not achievable without its people. Therefore we need to have the right people on board with us to ensure the daily fulfillment of our mission.

“There is a difference between customer happiness and amazing the customers. You cannot achieve customer obsession without colleague obsession. It is only possible by having a mindset of empathy – which is one of our core values.”

Sufian Kunwar
(Director of Human Resources, Right-Hand Cybersecurity)

The Foundation: Six Core Values

There’s no magic ingredient to customer happiness. The key is to realize that your people, your employees, can ensure customer success. Once we do that, employees automatically feel successful and fulfilled.

To get there, we hold six values dear. These values are decisive in creating customer success but also drive our measure of success, push us forward and give us a sense of accomplishment beyond numbers. 

  1. Resilience: We solve problems and overcome challenges to the best of our ability, regardless of how daunting they may appear.
  2. Empathy: We listen to and understand the perspective of others, including our peers, customers, partners, and investors.
  3. Passion: We care deeply about our work, our customers, each other, and this company.
  4. Accountability: We trust each other to get our job done at a high level.
  5. Transparency: We act and communicate openly, honestly, and effectively to drive toward positive outcomes.
  6. Authenticity: We understand who we are and will surround ourselves with a diverse group of people who complement our skillset and share our values.

While talking to and interacting with people, it can quickly be figured out if they want to be a part of something larger than themselves. When people talk about their previous lives, the problems that humankind faces daily, and the planet, you tend to figure out the values they live with.
So, very early in the hiring process, we figure out candidates that are a good fit for the team and our customers.

“What we generally look for is a person who wants to be a part of something bigger than himself in addition to meeting the technical competence required by each role.”

Sufian Kunwar
(Director of Human Resources, Right-Hand Cybersecurity)

How do These Values Align With Our Existing Talent?

Our values are the cornerstone of every decision. Simply put, if we attract the people with the best fit to our values, the values that we live by every day, it creates an organization-wide culture.
These values and cultures they share are not only written there for its sake; they must be lived by everyone, including the leadership, daily. Hence, be it human, product, or customer-related choices, we know that these have brought us success in the past and will continue to succeed as we move forward.

“The company is amazing. The CEO and the entire team make you feel comfortable. They are always open to suggestions, hear your thoughts, and try to comply. Had the best time working with them and will always recommend this company.”

Sales Development Representative
Former Employee – Glassdoor Review

How do We Ensure a Good Candidate Experience?

If we talk about the “how” part of our hiring process and how we ensure that we hire the right people for the right roles, we have a very robust hiring process in place already. We follow a precise balance between automation and personalization regarding how we interact with the talent out there. 

Automating the process is essential because we must ensure our operations are lean and internally well-structured. Then comes personalization, where we provide that our conversation and the candidate’s experience are highly personalized. 
So, how does this hiring process happen? Check out this article

When the person accepts the offer, it’s not that the person would randomly show up to work on his first day. We ensure specific pre-boarding steps and start interacting with the candidate before their first day to help them set up for their first day. 
After equipping the candidate with the necessary information on their first day, we ensure the following as well:

  1. Organizational onboarding, where we ensure they understand how Right-Hand is structured, the geographies we cover, the policies we follow, and people dive into the company values, mission, and culture. 
  2. Functional onboarding, which lasts around 8-9 days. In this, we ensure they have all the practical abilities and skills, therefore comprehensively onboarded.

“Extremely friendly, positive, and helpful people that make you feel comfortable with them right off the bat. Cutting-edge tech stack and always pushing a growth mindset.”

Software Engineer
Former Employee – Glassdoor Review

Remote-first Culture Comes With its Challenges

It is essential to understand that Right-Hand’s culture is not built around micromanagement. Our teams have spread across six countries in the world, and it would not have been possible if they were not autonomous.

Given the remote-first culture, we always ensure that our people are not working in silos. So, what we do is we frequently come together and play zoom games where everyone participates, laughs together, and the winner gets rewarded. 

Additionally, company dinners are arranged for our colleagues, thus, making sure that they get ample time to bond and get to know each other. Mandatory meeting schedules, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, and ensuring the availability of adequate tools to our employees help bring us together and overcome remote-first challenges. 

“Right-Hand’s co-founders gave me total trust and autonomy to do my job. At the same time, they had always been there to mentor and guide me, and I appreciate it as a professional. Right-Hand’s is establishing a good company culture, and although it’s a start-up, where flexible working hours is the default, and work-life balance is appreciated.”

Marketing Manager
Former Employee – Glassdoor Review

What’s Next as we Scale?

They say “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” so no matter how robust or carefully thought your strategy is, if your culture is dying, then your strategy is no good. When companies scale, protecting their culture is always an uphill battle. However, we are confident that we are well-prepared, placed, and committed to protecting our company’s culture. 

Right-Hand Cybersecurity is all set to enter a phase of high growth. We have a strong and concrete foundation with a group of highly talented people. So, if you want to join us on this rollercoaster ride, now’s the right time!

“This is a challenge that makes us unique. I refer to it as a rollercoaster ride where you tend to enjoy and learn from every single bit of it. It’s actually 3x learning, 3x fun, 3x growth.”

Sufian Kunwar
(Director of Human Resources, Right-Hand Cybersecurity)

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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