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What makes us unique

We serve as an ally to security and risk leaders that are looking to change employee behavior and better protect their organization.


Our platform offers automation across the board, from implementation/onboarding to deploying Security Awareness Training, Phishing Simulations, and Phishing Reporting and Remediation. InfoSec teams can extract autogenerated reports, with data captured in real-time, to gain updated visibility for all users at any given moment.

Automated Human Risk Management

We lead with automation to make the entire Human Risk Management process easier for InfoSec teams, from onboarding to reporting. 

Personalized alert and behavior-based training curriculum for each employee in your organization.

Fit for any company size, from SMEs to enterprises with 1000s of employees.

Adapted to users' unique roles, geo-locations, and needs.

Continuous and automated adjustment of learning journey based on user behavior, in real-time.

knowbe4 alternative, knowbe4 training
knowbe4 alternative, knowbe4 training

User-Friendly and Engaging

From a mobile-friendly platform to interactive and real-life training and simulation scenarios, we deliver user engagement for faster results. 

Added motivation for employees, departments, and office locations to keep engagement up.

Real-life scenarios accelerate the transition from training to work situations.

We offer various interactive formats in our Human Risk Management library, from straight quizzes to simulations.

Training mobility and flexibility allow users to engage more frequently and more comfortably with our platform.

Personalized and Data-Driven

Our data-oriented approach helps you thoroughly analyze your employee risk posture and helps deliver personalized training.

Our risk score algorithm analyzes user behavior across all risk factors to quantify a user risk score and profile.

Risk ratings are segmented to all levels, from employees to the departments, office locations, and company.

Higher visibility of all cyber awareness vulnerabilities that will drive infrastructure budgets.

Highlighting departments and employees that demand more attention.

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