How we Hire at Right-Hand

How we hire at Right-Hand careers

At Right-Hand, we care passionately about our culture and who we hire. First and foremost, we hire people who share our core values and are excited to join our mission to make humans more defensible against cyber-threats.

I’ve written this blog post as a quick guide to facilitate our recruiting process to all future applicants interested in joining our team. I welcome you to read through it to understand our process’s nuts and bolts, as it will help you throughout the interview process with us.

How we Hire at Right-Hand: The Process

1. Apply Online

We appreciate candidates who focus on the job that suits best their qualifications and experience instead of applying for all open positions. All of our job applications are articulated in a way that highlights the mandatory requirements of each position.  Once you identify the most suitable position based on your experience and interests, please submit your CV with a cover letter explaining why you think you are ideal for this position.

2. Discovery Call

Once you apply for a position, our team will look at your background, qualification and get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a discovery call if we think there could be a fit. 

The purpose of the discovery call is to understand your interests, passions, and thought process. We are disrupting the cybersecurity awareness space, and we want to make sure every new hire aligns with our values and brings something unique to the table. We will also validate your understanding of the job and answer any questions related to the job or the company.

3. Online Technical Assessment (applicable for Engineering positions)

If there is a mutual interest to continue the conversation beyond the discovery call, we will ask a candidate to complete a small technical assignment. The technical assignment is usually designed not to take more than 3 hours of your time. It helps us to understand how you will approach any particular problem. 

4. In-Depth Technical Interview (applicable for Engineering positions)

If you’ve impressed our team with your online technical assessment, next we will meet for a more in-depth technical interview that will take 1-2 hours and cover the following topics:

  • Review Technical assessment and your approach
  • Real-time Hands-on Coding assessment
  • Architecture Design of a sample application

5. Cultural interview

It’s time for the final step in the interview process! Once all of the technical interviews have been completed, the last step of our interview process is where you will meet with one of the co-founders of Right-Hand and discuss things outside your job scope. 

At Right-Hand, we want to contribute to the professional development of the Right-Hand family members. During this interview, we will understand your personal and professional goals and how the company can help you in that journey, and the intangibles you will bring to Right-Hand. 

6. Decision and Offer

After the cultural interview, the interview process has been completed, and Right-Hand will discuss internally to decide if we will extend you an offer. Our teams try their best to get back to candidates within a week of the final conversation. 

Our team is continuously growing, so we invite you to keep an eye on our careers page to see all job openings in the future as well if you were not selected for any given role. 

Please feel free to follow Theo and me on Linkedin as we often post about new opportunities there as well.

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