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western alliance ally

Western Alliance Bancorporation Enhances Cybersecurity Training With Ally

“This Adaptive Learning concept was unique to what I’ve observed in the security awareness industry. Most solutions deliver brush stroke training campaigns for all users, but Ally created unique curriculums for each user based on what they needed to know.”




Ally is a gamified mobile and desktop app that delivers employee training autonomously and adjusts the curriculum in real-time based on a user’s previous performance.


Compliance Readiness

AI, customization, policy management, and much more in a single platform. Compliance Readiness makes training smarter and easy to manage. 

Cyber Training Platform - Cyber Awareness Training Platform by Right Hand

Training Readiness

Training Readiness Delivers Simple and Automated Cyber Training. Raise employee awareness and influence behavior across the entire organization. 

Phishing Readiness by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Phishing Readiness

Build a Phishing Aware Workforce with Phishing Readiness and get them to the next level of phishing defense. Gain access to 100+ training simulations, integration with training, and extensive reporting.

Report phishing - Malicious Email Reporting - Right Hand Cybersecurity


Improve Employee-Based Phishing Defense with PhishArm. Make sure that your workforce has an easy channel to report phishing threats. Remove manual, labor-intensive processes and focus on response.


case study martec

Marketing Technology Company Prioritizes Employee Engagement & Behavior Change with Right-Hand’s Security Awareness Platform

This Marketing Technology SaaS company provides D2C solutions for thousands of clients. They have a global reach with customers and over 1,000 employees across the globe. Implementing data-driven security awareness to influence employee behavior change was their high priority.

cybersecurity training for government power provider

Government Power Provider Upscales Their Cybersecurity Training With Phishing Training and Reporting

A Government regional and remote power provider that delivers power to more than hundreds of thousands of homes, communities, and businesses changed the way they approach cyber awareness.

With that, they saw user engagement improve drastically, users reporting threats as they appeared and an overall feeling of security throughout the organization. read the case study to see more. 

cyber awareness training for religious organization

Religious Organization Enhances Cyber Awareness Efforts with Gamified & Bite-sized Training Modules

To establish a cybersecurity awareness program among its employees in various departments, the IT Manager for a religious organization in Singapore counts on Phishing Readiness, Training Readiness, and PhishArm.

legal services firm

Legal Services firm Boosts Cybersecurity and Policy Awareness through Right-Hand's Managed Services

This legal services firm with over 200 employees in several countries relied on Right-Hand to create good cyber habits among its workforce, but also to help them achieve their certification goals.

case study phishing simulation in singapore - how a venture capital firm built a cybersecurity culture

Singapore-based Venture Capital Firm Relies on Right-Hand's Managed Services to Build Awareness and Cyber Culture

A global interactive entertainment venture capital firm out of Singapore tackled the challenge of improving cyberculture among their employees, in a comprehensive vision that combined training/simulation with action. 

Find out how they changed their perspective and added cyberawareness to a dynamic environment, keeping compliant and productive with safety. Read the case study to discover how they succeeded. 

saas company

SaaS Enterprise Builds Cyber Culture and Increases Employee Engagement With Right-Hand Cybersecurity

The SaaS company needed a solution to help accelerate and automate the employee cyber awareness program adoption across its workforce. Right-Hand delivered an integrated solution that broke with ineffective, video-based training.

Case study - Australian Investment Fund

Australian Investment Fund Raises Employee Cybersecurity Engagement using 30-day Cyber Fitness Challenge

One of the biggest investment funds in Australia utilized Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s free tool, the Cyber Fitness Challenge, to raise employee engagement, awareness, and interest in critical cybersecurity topics in a matter of only 30 days, with amazing results.