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case study religious institution

Religious Organization Enhances Cyber Awareness Efforts with Gamified & Bite-sized Training Modules

To establish a cybersecurity awareness program among its employees in various departments, the IT Manager for a religious organization in Singapore counts on three of Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s products: Phishing Readiness, Training Readiness, and PhishArm.



Compliance Readiness

AI, customization, policy management, and much more in a single platform. Compliance Readiness makes training smarter and easy to manage. 

Training Readiness by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Training Readiness

Training Readiness Delivers Simple and Automated Cyber Training. Raise employee awareness and influence behavior across the entire organization. 

Phishing Readiness by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Phishing Readiness

Build a Phishing Aware Workforce with Phishing Readiness and get them to the next level of phishing defense. Gain access to 100+ training simulations, integration with training, and extensive reporting.

PhishArm by Right-Hand Cybersecurity


Improve Employee-Based Phishing Defense with PhishArm. Make sure that your workforce has an easy channel to report phishing threats. Remove manual, labor-intensive processes and focus on response.


legal services firm

Legal Services firm Boosts Cybersecurity and Policy Awareness through Right-Hand's Managed Services

This legal services firm with over 200 employees in several countries relied on Right-Hand to create good cyber habits among its workforce, but also to help them achieve their certification goals.

Case study - Australian Investment Fund

Australian Investment Fund Raises Employee Cybersecurity Engagement using 30-day Cyber Fitness Challenge

One of the biggest investment funds in Australia utilized Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s free tool, the Cyber Fitness Challenge, to raise employee engagement, awareness, and interest in critical cybersecurity topics in a matter of only 30 days, with amazing results.

case study singapore venture capital

Singapore-based Venture Capital Firm Relies on Right-Hand's Managed Services to Build Awareness and Cyber Culture

A global interactive entertainment venture capital firm out of Singapore tackled the challenge of improving cyberculture among their employees, in a comprehensive vision that combined training/simulation with action. 

saas company

SaaS Enterprise Builds Cyber Culture and Increases Employee Engagement With Right-Hand Cybersecurity

The SaaS company needed a solution to help accelerate and automate the employee cyber awareness program adoption across its workforce. Right-Hand delivered an integrated solution that broke with ineffective, video-based training.