Don’t Just Check The Box

Effective Human Risk Management should change behavior and reduce security alerts that inundate your SOC.  Learn more about how Right-Hand can help you do more than check the box.

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It’s Time to Change the Narrative

Just like a successful marriage, effective cybersecurity requires understanding, engagement, and a willingness to go beyond just checking the box. Our man Stan knows best, as you can see in our short video story.   

With our Human Risk Management platform, you can get to a more secure and informed cyber environment for your employees. 

Make the switch today, and experience the difference true engagement can make.

What’s the Alternative?

The security awareness industry is shifting towards a human risk management based approach. Right-Hand’s platform will pinpoint which employees are most breach prone, and automate targeted training to them in real-time to reduce risk and change behavior.

Human Risk Management

Traditional Security Awareness

Training Approach

Behavior-Based, Real-Time

Training nudges based on employee behavior to fix bad cyber habits on the spot.

One-Size-Fits-All, generic training


Simplified, User-Based
No additional fees for features, a straightforward price per user

Tiered, complex


Automated, Fully Customizable

All training and phishing content is also aligned to your policies and culture. 

Static training library

Employee Experience

Flexible and Automated

Employees receive real-time training, while security teams fully automate their awareness programs.

Limited or even non-existent automation and user flexibility


Human Risk Scores

Full visibility of breach-prone employees, departments, and groups.

Standard click rate metrics, limited human risk visibility

Here are organizations that don’t settle for just checking the box.

What Happens If You Just Don’t Check the Box?

See what some cybersecurity leaders have to say about our approach to Human Risk Management.

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Episode 08: Cereal-sly, is This Dinner?

Don’t Just Check the Box 

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