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When it comes time to launch security awareness training, do your employees sound like this? 

“1 and a half hours… are you kidding me?!” 

“Why is this scheduled at the end of the quarter?”

“I’ll quickly get this done, so InfoSec stops chasing me to complete it.”

“9 am security training!  Camera off…”

“This is painful.”

“This information isn’t relevant for me.”

Or have you seen yourself or your team in one of these situations?

We have to be honest with ourselves and accept that the approach of “checking the box” for security awareness has passed. We’re subconsciously creating a more substantial divide between InfoSec teams and other employees when our focus should be on building a security culture and driving long-lasting behavior change. 

To solve this problem, we’ve developed a solution called Ally, by Right-Hand, to #FixSecurityAwareness.  This blog will cover precisely how Ally is here to spare your employees from a repeat of last year’s annual security training program!  

The Most Employee Friendly Cyber Awareness Platform

Ally is a gamified mobile and desktop app that delivers employee training autonomously and adjusts the curriculum in real-time based on a user’s previous performance. 

This adjustment is based on a concept called Adaptive Learning, where the system analyzes every individual’s learning curve to develop a curriculum best suited for them. 

Here are the key benefits that Ally can offer to you and your employees for their next security awareness training experience.

Adaptive Learning

Like how an exercise app might assess your current health, Ally starts by learning about each user’s current understanding of cybersecurity, digital safety, and the threat landscape. After establishing a benchmark, the system will operate autonomously and assign tailored content based on a user’s knowledge gaps.

Learn From Anywhere

Ally is an app that is compatible with any mobile or desktop device. It offers employees a learning experience from anywhere, at any time, which is how the world prefers to ingest content today (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Snap, etc.).

Real-World Scenarios

Rather than e-learning lectures and click-through content, Ally delivers bite-sized scenarios and simulations based on real-life security experiences.  Users will find themselves making real-world decisions with Ally that reflect the choices they will have to make during their job. The hands-on training will translate practice into long-lasting positive habits.   


Recognition, rewards, and competition are powerful learning drivers to drive motivation. Ally incorporates leaderboards to illustrate how users fare in comparison with their peers. That friendly competition pushes users to engage more with the content and retain the knowledge better. Badges and rewards are also a significant part of this mechanic, rewarding behavior and results.

Spaced Learning 

The forgetting curve is real.  Studies show that the degradation of knowledge is so deep that users remember roughly 20% of the training content after a month of learning.  Spaced learning is built into Ally to ensure users receive the training reinforcement they need when they need it the most. 


With Ally, onboarding takes minutes.  And once everything is ready, the ongoing training runs autonomously through a single pane of glass for both admins and employees.  With that, admins can pour more time into other critical security priorities and prevent employees from having any major distraction or deviation from their core job.

Ally by Right-Hand - Employee Friendly Cyber Awareness Platform

See how Ally can help your organization.

The Human Layer of security is a critical and sometimes overlooked aspect of our industry.  Having a solid training program is one of the essential components of a robust Human Risk Management strategy. We’re excited to share Ally with our industry as we collectively aim to tackle this tricky problem.

Security awareness is broken but not beyond repair. Combining these concepts listed above is unique and innovative to our space, and we’re excited to see how this reshapes the human risk landscape. 

Ally plays a significant role in how Right-Hand is aiming to #FixSecurityAwareness. We are grateful to our customers who have worked closely with us to build Ally into what it is today and are even more excited for what it will continue to become as we have more plans ahead!  

If you want to know what Ally is all about and how it can benefit your workforce, you can schedule a demo with us.

Or, if you prefer to hear directly from one of our customers, check out this customer testimonial with Western Alliance Bank.  

Cheers to Fixing Security Awareness with Ally by Right-Hand!

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Rodrigo Leme

Rodrigo Leme

Marketing Director for Right-Hand Cybersecurity, Rodrigo has over 20 years worth of experience in Technology companies in Brazil, US, Canada and other countries. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and loves everything tech, music, marketing, writing, and hockey (go Canucks!).

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