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training that sticks.

Ally is the most employee–friendly cyber awareness solution. It’s a gamified mobile and desktop app that delivers employee training autonomously and adjusts the curriculum in real-time based on a user’s previous performance.

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The Journey to #FixSecurityAwareness

What makes Ally benefit everyone, from breakrooms to boardrooms? Read our blog for the backstory.

Why Ally?

More engaged and productive employees

Ally is personalized to each user’s schedule, learning curve, and needs. See engagement rates spike with tailor-made training.

Boost employee morale for cyber training

Incorporate recognition, rewards, leaderboards, competition into your cyber awareness program so employees lean in.

Convert training into action

Ally delivers real-life security scenarios and simulations to condition users to apply training into action.

Actionable insights

Ally spreads across your organization to quickly identify the cyber strength and weaknesses in your workforce.

Automated training reinforcement

Deliver training reinforcement when it’s needed the most without having to lift a finger.

Optimize security budgets

Prioritize existing and future investments and your team’s time based on human risk scoring.

Get the facts straight:

Download the datasheet, and find out how Ally is helping #FixSecurityAwareness

Create real change across your organization with Ally

For the Business

Quantify and reduce human risk to positively impact your business objectives.

For Security Teams

Automate and personalize your human risk management program like never before.

For Employees

Ally offers a training approach that employees actually enjoy and lean into.

Help your employees reach their cyber potential. It’s a win-win!

Do you feel as though your current security awareness program just “checks the box?” Let’s change that.

The behavioral science behind Ally

Adaptive Learning

Ally’s AI learns from users’ performance and delivers content tailored to their needs.

Learn From Anywhere

Ally offers engaging, bite-sized content in a device-agnostic experience.

Real-World Scenarios

Deliver real-world security scenarios to influence user behavior.


Incorporate recognition and rewards to build a positive security culture.

Spaced Learning

Help your users beat the Forgetting Curve with reinforcement at the right time.


Automate everything, from onboarding to delivery within minutes.

Bridge the gap between training and business results with Ally. Schedule a demo today!