We help your employees reach their security potential.

Your employees are fighting an uphill battle

Perimeter defenses are not enough​​

Cyber criminals possess advanced capabilities to bypass traditional perimeter defense technologies, making your employees the last line of defense. Prepare them for that responsibility and gain the visibility to measure and mitigate this risk.

Employees account for 90% of security incidents

Most employees lack the knowledge, support and time to make more cyber ready decisions. And as a security and risk leader, the competition for your colleagues' time and attention has never been more difficult.

Traditional security awareness isn’t cutting it​​

Let’s face it. No one enjoys long, annual security awareness training. Employees procrastinate and multi-task their way through completion. And security risk leaders don’t gain any visibility into the risk profile of their employees’ online behaviors.

Our goal is to help you transform your employees from being

Cyber Aware to Cyber Ready

We serve as an ally to security and risk leaders that are looking to monitor, measure and mitigate employee behavior to better protect their organization.

What makes us unique

Artificial Intelligence applied to Cyber and Policy Awareness Programs Icon

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered products enable each of our customers to roll out a personalized and automated cybersecurity awareness program for their organization.

Compliance Readiness uses Artificial Intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing, to convert your corporate policies into training modules in a few clicks.  

Training Readiness incorporates a Recommendation Engine that assigns each employee a training module based on their knowledge gaps, creating a unique learning journey for each employee.  The Recommendation Engine is based on data sets from their previous training performance, and also ingests data from Phishing Readiness for customers who purchase the bundle.


Our products incorporate gamification to enable motivational techniques, incentives, and behavioral stimulus to increase employee engagement and accelerate behavior change.

By creating a team environment where employees earn points and rewards and see where they rank on the leaderboard, cyber culture becomes engaging and more broadly adopted across your workforce.  It also helps you identify your security champions and top performers to serve as an extension of your security team.

Gamification Applied to Cyber and Policy Awareness Programs Icon
Micro-Learning Applied to Cyber and Policy Awareness Programs Icon


Our products uniquely apply Micro-Learning to ease the knowledge consumption process for the employee and increases the time the information is retained.  Employees don’t have the time for 1+ hour training sessions, nor do they remember what they learned.  As an alternative, <5 minute micro-learning provides short bite-sized learning sessions offered on a continuous basis.

Meet InfoSec and Compliance Standards and Regulations

Our products can help you pass your upcoming security audit, comply with industry regulations, and meet compliance standards with our automated analytics and reports for:

ISO 27001 Compliance Solution

ISO 27001

SOC Compliance Solution


MAS TRM Compliance Solution

MAS-TRM (Singapore)

PDPA Compliance Solution

PDPA (Singapore)

CCPA Compliance solution

CCPA (California)

GDPR Compliance solution

GDPR (Europe)

Start building cyber culture today!