Welcome to Front Lines 2022!

This is our 3rd edition of the Front Lines. As usual, we have a commitment to bringing a group of the best Cybersecurity and Security Awareness leaders and practitioners to discuss the most urgent topics in our industry.

Our objective for this event is to provide an opportunity for security leaders & practitioners to discuss and exchange ideas about essential matters in the cybersecurity industry that are faced daily on the front lines.

A summary of this year's topics

The Cyber Threat Landscape in 2022 and Beyond

The threat landscape has evolved to different arenas, from COVId and post-COVID workplaces, cyber warfare, and ever-evolving social engineering scams. This panel will address the evolution of cybercrime from the perspective of headlines, executive briefings, and national defense plans in 2021-2022.

Creating Next-Gen Cyber Awareness Programs

Our speakers will cover how organizations and security teams can transform their employee security awareness program from a check of the box to instilling a culture of long-lasting behavior change.

Leveraging Security as a Competitive Advantage

Our speakers will discuss how Security leaders can bridge the gap between security risk and business risk and how security should be seen as a business value driver rather than a cost center.

The Roadmap to Find and Nurture Cyber Talent

The shortage of cybersecurity pros does not mean the issue will need years to solve. There are many ways to address the challenge today without sacrificing execution and organizational security. Our guests will show what leading organizations are doing to find the right talent and reduce the cyber skills gap.

The schedule

Just like last year, we’ll bring the event to two different stages to cover US and Asia-Pacific time zones. Our industry and its challenges are global, and so is Right-Hand: we want to bring these discussions and the professionals driving them to all our audiences, from the United States to Australia. 

USA - Pacific Timezone
October 13 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Asia-Pacific - Singapore Timezone
October 17 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

So don’t wait! We have limited seats! Last year we had 250 registrants, and this year we want YOU with us.
Click in the button below and choose the time zone that suits you better. See you in October! 

Rodrigo Leme

Rodrigo Leme

Marketing Director for Right-Hand Cybersecurity, Rodrigo has over 20 years worth of experience in Technology companies in Brazil, US, Canada and other countries. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and loves everything tech, music, marketing, writing, and hockey (go Canucks!).

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