Hacking the White House


April 26, 2022

10:00 – 10:30 AM, PST

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How do Social Engineers Push Victims Into Action?

Social engineering is the language of cybercriminals worldwide, resulting in billions of dollars in losses for organizations every year.

But what makes it so successful?

We’ve invited social engineering expert and former practitioner, James Linton, to talk through it. James is the original Email Prankster who once spear phished the White House and he will share his story and how he broke into cybersecurity.

Join us to find out how criminals think, and hear James’ story of how he hacked the White House.  


James Linton

Social Engineer / Founder, The Whole

James Linton had zero cyber-skills (his own words!) but became curious whether he could adopt other people’s personas over email.

Feeling like he’d found a master key that unlocked the trust we put in an email, James tested his theories with considerable enthusiasm and very publicly! 

James then went to work in cyber security, where he socially engineered cybercriminals who were carrying out BEC attacks. And to this day explores how humans are hacked and how we can train people not to become victims of these attacks.

Theo Nasser

CEO, Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Theo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Right-Hand Cybersecurity. Right-Hand offers SaaS solutions to help enterprises personalize and automate employee awareness programs to more effectively reduce human risk, build cyber culture and meet compliance standards.

Prior to founding Right-Hand, Theo worked at FireEye and SonicWall across the US and APAC in business development and sales leadership positions.

Watch the Recording!