Top 3 Avoidable Employee Cybersecurity Risks

Avoid Employee Cybersecurity Risks - Effective Cyber Decisions

At Right-Hand, we’ve been proving that employees can be a company’s most robust line of defense against cyber threats. 

The journey of building cyber culture can be easier if your employees are aware and informed on how to improve their behaviors to avoid cybersecurity risks.

Tips to avoid cybersecurity risks

Here are 3 practical tips your employees can start implementing today. Although they might sound simple, these actions can drive an immediate impact in avoiding wrong cyber decisions.

1. Check before you click

We know targeted phishing emails, also known as spear-phishing emails, can be enticing; some might be nearly impossible to point out for even the savviest cybersecurity experts. That said, the real danger lies in humans’ unrestrained impulse to click away at unverified links, especially in a well-crafted socially engineered phishing email.

One good trick is to hover over a URL in an email before clicking to validate where the URL will redirect you. With O365 and G Suite, there will be a pop-up of the URL to review near your mouse icon or the bottom left corner of your browser.

2. Cover Your Webcam

Now that we’re all working remotely and using webcams for video conference calls, cybercriminals have an exciting avenue to exploit. Hackers can take over your webcam to spy on you while you’re working or browsing the web.

An easy way to mitigate this webcam risk is to cover your webcam whenever it is not used. You can use something as simple as a post-it or a cheap webcam cover from Amazon. 

3. Update your software and applications

Software updates are there to make sure your systems patch existing vulnerabilities. Developers release software updates often, but employees don’t exactly keep track of them as often as they should. Think to yourself, have you ever clicked on ‘Remind me later’ when prompted to update to the latest software version? 

It can sometimes feel burdensome, but it becomes easier to choose the safest course of action when considering the pros and cons. For this, we recommend that you always enable your software’s auto-update feature. 

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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