Say hello to Right-Hand’s new logo and website!

New Logo and Website Launch Blog Post Featured Image

Today, we are launching Right-Hand’s new logo and website! 2020 has been a year of maturity and growth for Right-Hand, and we wanted to evolve our logo and brand in parallel with our company’s journey.  

New Logo and Website Launch Blog Post Featured Image

Our original logo was created before Right-Hand even launched.  Back then, we had put together a short pitch deck to kickstart conversations while conducting early market research. The title slide of this pitch deck included our original logo, which Uzair spent a whopping 10 minutes to brainstorm and create!

Test title

For those familiar with the earliest and most embryonic stages of a start-up, speed and agility are King ?.  

But things moved fast for Right-Hand. Traction was positive, messages were resonating, and competing priorities prevented us from revisiting our logo sooner.

Until now.

Right-Hand is focused on developing a simple and unique SaaS product that can help companies Build Cyber Culture across their workforce.  So we decided to rebrand our company to more directly embody this message. 

We wanted our new logo to incorporate these 3 key pillars of our company: people, security, and awareness.  With the checkmark serving a dual-purpose as a human’s right hand raised into the air celebrating achievement.

Right-Hand’s purpose and mission remain the same to make humans more defensible against cyber threats. And I am confident our new logo illustrates this in a more clean, crisp, and modern way!

Our new logo and branding will be reflected in our company website, social media pages, and sales & marketing collateral.  Please give them a visit and let us know what you think!

Visit our website, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook profiles!

Theo Nasser

Theo Nasser

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