Welcome to Right-Hand’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021!

Well, to say that the last 12 months were challenging is underselling the idea.

We have a tremendous rise of cyber threats, an escalation of critical infrastructure ransomware attacks, governments initiating cooperation never seen before with private actors to address cybersecurity on a large scale, the gap of cybersecurity skilled labor getting bigger, serious conversations about hybrid work and its risks in a post-COVID world, and social networks are taking even more heat on data privacy concerns.

And as usual, people are front and center in every one of these conversations. It’s been the same for every single year of Cybersecurity Awareness Month for 18 years now. And here at Right-Hand, we’re all about making people more cyber aware, building strong cyberculture.

Our motto for this year is that Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business, so we want all levels of all sorts of organizations to engage with the topic. So, for this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are bringing two significant programs that, as usual, will address:

  • The needs of security leaders and officers, that look into solutions to make their organizations more resilient by mitigating human risk, optimizing budgets, automating processes, driving informed cybersecurity decisions and supporting their cyber skill sourcing.
  • Workforce empowerment, delivering the tools and the knowledge to make employees the last line of defense, after technological barriers are bypassed by sophisticated cybercriminals. We supply resources easy to use and knowlege easy to retain and apply in real-life situations.

The Front Lines 2021 – USA and Asia-Pacific

Considering that, we are first proud to announce a new edition of The Front Lines, our annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month event. We are bringing cybersecurity pros from all over the world with various experiences and knowledge. We have CISOs, consultants, awareness leaders, corporate culture leaders all together to discuss the most urgent topics in our industry.

We want to make sure that The Front Lines would be a genuinely global event so that we will have two different days, one for each half of the world.

We will cover topics ranging from cybersecurity programs to startups to cybersecurity labor shortage and a lot more. Make sure you register and be a part of this conversation. The content we will share will surely resonate with your schedule for 2022.

The event is now over, but you can watch the on-demand videos on the links below:

Empower Your Workforce with 12 Months Phishing Report for Free With PhishArm

In a recent survey with industry professionals, about 60% of organizations have informal ways of reporting suspicious phishing email messages. These organizations use channels such as Slack, phone, email, and even casual conversations, making it troubling for security teams to organize, investigate and mitigate potential threats.

It’s too little for a type of attack responsible for a significant part of data breaches. The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks that use email, especially spear phishing, whaling, and others, bypass technological barriers, such as firewalls.

Considering that, we will offer PhishArm, our Phishing reporting tool, for free, for 12 months. All you have to do is go to the promotional page until October 31, 2021, and fill the form. Our team will contact you and discuss the implementation steps. It’s easy, and you will feel a significant change in how your organization addresses a severe security threat.

More to come…

The conversation does not stop here. Register today for The Front Lines and sign up for PhishArm, but don’t stop there! We have a lot of content to roll out during October, and we want you to join us in conversation.

Join us on LinkedIn for more Cybersecurity awareness Month content.

Check our events page for great on-demand webinars from our recent past, from Data Transparency to Hybrid Work.

Also, we have an excellent Education Resources page, where we explain essential Cybersecurity topics in an easy-to-understand language to share with your less tech-fluent colleagues, spreading cybersecurity awareness during October.

Picture of Rodrigo Leme

Rodrigo Leme

Marketing Director for Right-Hand Cybersecurity, Rodrigo has over 20 years worth of experience in Technology companies in Brazil, US, Canada and other countries. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and loves everything tech, music, marketing, writing, and hockey (go Canucks!).

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