Simulate Real-World Phishing Emails

Clone & Simulate Real Phishing Emails in 1 Click with PhishTwin


March 22, 2022

10:00 – 10:30 AM, Singapore Time

Uzair Ahmed

Co-Founder & CTO, Right-Hand

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Every day, 3.4 billion

phishing emails are sent out worldwide. These come from cybercriminals from all over the world, from basement dwellers to organized crime outfits, to government-backed operations.

96% of Phishers

look for intelligence gathering. They use attacks to obtain credentials, data, passwords, using these to leverage more devastating attacks on organizations, like ransomware.

How can you use these phishing emails to your advantage?

Phishing Simulations are an effective way of training your workforce.

Using real phishing emails as templates for simulations lets you get an idea of who in your organization is more likely to engage with real-world attacks.

In this webinar, we will demo PhishTwin, our brand new addition to PhishArm that helps you clone real-life phishing emails and use them in your simulations. 

Learn how to use the phishers’ resources against them, with no effort on your end. 

In a 30-minute session, we will show:

  • The anatomy of the most dangerous phishing emails
  • How phishers think and bypass firewalls and tech barriers.
  • The risk-free approach to using real threats as phishing simulation.
  • A one-click process to clone phishing emails without operational stress.

Have You Met PhishArm?

PhishTwin starts with PhishArm, an easy and quick way of helping employees report malicious emails, straight from their inboxes. See a quick demo:

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