Looking back at Right-Hand’s 1st Year

Right-Hand's CEO, Theo Nasser, and CTO, Uzair Ahmed

We sat down to reflect with Right-Hand Cybersecurity CEO and Co-founder, Theo Nasser, and asked him a few questions on the company’s recent 1 Year Anniversary.

Let’s go back to the beginning. How did Right-Hand Cybersecurity come to be?

Theo: The problem that Right-Hand addresses is one that has plagued the cybersecurity industry for decades – that humans are the weakest link in information security.  But the solution that we’ve developed at Right-Hand has been created quite organically.  Talking with security leaders who face this challenge every day, we repeatedly heard the same themes of 1) security awareness cannot be a one size fits all approach, 2) building & maintaining cybersecurity culture across a workforce requires cross-functional collaboration, and 3) the attack surface continues to expand, leaving more opportunity for human error.  With these insights in mind, we set off to create Right-Hand and the solutions we have today to address these challenges at scale.

What were some of the biggest learning curves from the early stages of business-building?

Theo: The entire process was and still is a learning curve because it’s critical to always remain curious.  We are constantly asking questions to ourselves, our customers, and our team to ensure we are approaching things the best way we can with an open mind.  The learning never stops, so the building never stops.

Theo Nasser and Uzair Ahmed - first anniversary blog post

How has the approach to people-centric cybersecurity changed from the beginning till now?  

Theo: We have had a few pivots during our company lifecycle, but all of them have been in collaboration with customers.  We strive to always build products with customers, rather than for customers, which massively helps a start-up to maximize acceleration and minimize iterations of products.

Could you share a principle with the business that you’ve stuck to, one that has proven to be instrumental in bringing RHCS this far.

Theo: One of the first things Uzair and I did was create a set of values that we believe in that will serve as the foundation of our company and culture.  These values have allowed us to assemble an incredible team in a short period of time with others that have the same value set as we do.

Let’s hear about your aspirations for the year ahead!  

Theo: In our 1st year at Right-Hand, we launched two products, signed some great customers in various industries and geographical locations, and raised a $1M USD round of funding.  In year 2, our plans include expanding our team, launching several new products, and continuing our mission of helping customers monitor, measure and mitigate human-induced cyber risks in real-time and cultivate cyber culture.

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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