Religious Organization Enhances Cyber Awareness Efforts with Gamified & Bite-sized Training Modules


Cybersecurity is a concern for organizations of all sizes and types. The rising concern with effectively building a strong defense against cyber attacks is a common point for all.

To establish a cybersecurity awareness program among its employees in various departments, the IT Manager for a religious organization in Singapore counts on three of Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s products: Phishing Readiness, Training Readiness, and PhishArm.

cyber awareness training for religious organization

“The convenience of having a library of phishing email simulations and training modules that are ready-to-use made our jobs easier than ever. Also, the possibility of generating reports from each phishing simulation and training campaign took our cyber awareness program to another level”


IT Manager


The organization relies on a three-person IT team to manage their cybersecurity needs. 

Previously, the team dedicated their time to researching and creating in-house cybersecurity training materials from scratch, which was not automated nor scalable. Also, their IT team was unable to measure the effectiveness and adoption of cybersecurity awareness initiatives amongst their employee population. 

They decided to outsource cybersecurity awareness and training after engaging their employees in a simulated phishing campaign for the first time and realizing the alarming volume of users that clicked on the URL links.

Why Right-Hand

Right-Hand offered everything this organization needed, including products that are easy and simple to use and deploy that their employees would more frequently engage with.

“Right-Hand’s team is always open to provide insights to make sure we take the best advantage of their products – even after the onboarding process. They are readily available to answer our questions and concerns,” reported M.N., IT Manager.

In addition to that, Right-Hand’s user-friendly interface, relevant content and gamified experience prompted their employees to engage more frequently in a cyber awareness program.

“Right-Hand has helped us kick-start our cybersecurity awareness program with our staff, and we have seen a continuous flow of user adoption,” said M.N.


The organization adopted three of Right-Hand’s products to accomplish their goals to automate employee cyber awareness and increase adoption: Training Readiness, Phishing Readiness, and PhishArm. All of these products are integrated together to provide the best outcome aligning with their awareness goals.

Phishing Readiness offers an extensive library of 100+ customized phishing email templates, while Training Readiness provides 100+ customizable, gamified, and bite-sized cyber awareness training modules.

They have been taking advantage of Right-Hand’s existing content libraries to optimize their time dedicated to educating employees on cyber-essential topics. They no longer have to develop a full employee awareness program from scratch!

PhishArm has empowered their employees to serve as an extension of their 3-person IT team to report malicious or simulated phishing attacks into the platform to more swiftly identify attacks and avoid network intrusions.


Throughout the onboarding process and ongoing customer support, Right-Hand has been a trusted partner for their IT team. They have been receiving constant positive feedback from their employees about the short and bite-sized training modules offered on the Training Readiness platform.

By using Right-Hand’s products, this organization has optimized and accelerated its employee cybersecurity awareness efforts. The company has been able to better mitigate human risks while increasing its IT team’s productivity.

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