Cyber Security Awareness for Energy and Utilities Sector

The Energy and Utilities industry faces cyber risk emerging from their IT, OT, and supply chain infrastructures. Security awareness helps secure this ecosystem and protect their workforce.

Cybersecurity for Energy and Utilities

How can the utilities sector protect critical infrastructures and deliver compliance?

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360° Phishing Protection

The workforce will recognize a phishing threat, and know where to report it. Analyze and mitigate threats in just a few clicks. Focus on what matters. 

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Adaptive Learning

Deliver gamified and mobile security awareness training with automation. Users will improve cyber awareness at their schedule and convenience.

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Compliance Training

Meet compliance requirements like ISO27001, SOC 2, industry-specfic (FERC) and data privacy laws (GDPR) in just a few clicks.

“We wanted a product that looked at cyber awareness holistically and could reduce human risk more effectively, build strong cyber culture and meet compliance standards. Right-Hand met all of our requirements. ”

Government Power Provider

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Cyber security for Energy and Utilities Benefits

Risk Score

Discover your true pain points, identify vulnerabilities with custom reports and dashboards, and get a detailed understanding of risk within your organization.

Human Risk Mitigation

Implement training, simulations, and other tools that quickly and effectively reduce human risk using automated performance and engagement markers.

Custom Content

Make cyberlearning more efficient and realistic by ensuring that the training and simulation content reflects the specifics of energy and utilities’ activities.

Always Compliant

You can stay up-to-date with the strict new and updated compliance policies like CCoP, GDPR and FERC, etc. for the energy and utilities industry

Managed Services

Reduce the headcount challenge of your InfoSec team and preserve resources with the support of a specialized team to support your Security Awareness content, campaign and personalization needs.

Budget Optimization

Find out where the platform and infrastructure needs lie when you pinpoint human vulnerabilities, at the individual level. Make informed decisions on expensive resources.

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