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Cofense: Why Right-Hand is the Best Alternative

Right-Hand and Cofense are vital players in the cyber awareness space, helping organizations make their employees defensible against cyber threats.


While both companies offer similar solutions in Phishing defense, Right-Hand’s integrated cyber awareness approach of adaptive learning training with phishing protection is a significant differentiator when looking for a Cofense alternative. Here’s the rundown.

Our targeted training and managed services approach help you focus more on your other cybersecurity priorities.

Right-Hand started with an idea to understand the challenges companies face in the existing cyber awareness solutions and prioritize those challenges in our development. 

We offer an adaptive, personalized, and gamified cyber awareness solution that works on autopilot, saving your time.  

We also make it easy for you to purchase and implement our solutions. Our pricing structure and implementation are made easy so you concentrate on getting the benefits of cyber awareness as quickly as possible. 

Besides that, our Managed Services team works side by side with as an option to take your program to the next level, supporting you in your content customization initiatives. 

Feature Comparison of Right-Hand vs. Cofense

There’s a lot that makes Right-Hand’s awareness platform a great choice for customers looking for Cofense alternatives.

Here’s a comparison chart with all the critical elements that Cofense offers and how Right-Hand checks those boxes and provides additional value.


Pricing: Per-user, per year

Device Compatibility: Device Agnostic for Security Awareness and Phishing Defense.

Training Platforms: Desktop + Mobile Application (IOS/ Android)

Training Approach: Adaptive, Personalized, fully customizable, and gamified

Training Delivery: Targeted, automated training to each user and employee LMS

Training Content Library: All content is accessible on a single subscription

Training Content Customization: Users can create/modify all content available on the platform

Phishing Simulation Depth: Easy/Medium/Hard Templates

Comprehensive Phishing Reports: Yes

Managed Service: Security Awareness + Phishing Solutions

SCORM Compatibility: Yes

Integrations: GSuite, O365, Microsoft Azure, OKTA, SAML 2.0, CSV

Phish Alert Button: PhishArm

Phishing Reply Tracking: Yes

Phishing Report Remediation: Email Quarantine Automation

Priority Level Support: Available for every customer


Pricing: Per-user, per year

Device Compatibility: Device Agnostic for selected Phishing Defense solutions.

Platforms: Desktop only

Training Approach: Complimentary to the phishing offer, one-size-fits-all

Training Delivery: Self-service LMS platform or SCORM files for use in LMS platforms

Training Content Library: Additional subscription levels define content tiers

Training Content Customization: Branding customization, no content modification

Phishing Simulation Depth: Easy/Medium/Hard Templates

Comprehensive Phishing Reports: Yes

Managed Service: Phishing Solutions

SCORM Compatibility: Yes

Integrations: GSuite, O365, Microsoft Azure, OKTA, SAML 2.0, CSV

Phish Alert Button: Cofense Reporter

Phishing Reply Tracking: No

Phishing Report Remediation: Cofense Vision+Triage

Priority Level Support: Available for every customer

“The simplicity of setting up and running the campaign and generating an executive report at the end of the campaign was convenient and was reflected in the metrics we received.

We have seen an increase in the number of phishing emails reported by staff. This is a clear indication that staff is more aware of what phishing emails look like.”


Government Utilities Organization

Factors that make Right-Hand better than its alternatives

While Right-Hand checks all the boxes, making it the best KnowBe4 alternative, a few features put us a step ahead of them and our competitors.

Automated Training that Adapts to Your User’s Learning Needs.

Rather than spend time creating multiple training campaigns to target specific users with specific modules, Right-Hand’s adaptive training engine learns your users’ role, geolocation, and previous training performance to create custom learning journeys using AI.

Personalized training curriculum for each employee in your company, according to their learning behavior.

Fit for any company size, from SMEs to enterprises with 1000s of employees.

Adapted to users' unique roles, geo-locations, and needs.

Continuous and automated adjustment of learning journey based on user performance.

knowbe4 alternative, knowbe4 training
knowbe4 alternative, knowbe4 training

Interactive & Gamified Real-Life Scenarios

Deliver interactive and gamified scenarios over one size fits all video content, so employees can train based on their real-world environment.

Added motivation for employees, departments, and office locations to keep engagement up.

Real-life scenarios accelerate the transition from training to work situations.

We offer various interactive formats in our training library, from straight quizzes to simulations.

Higher engagement and training effectiveness.

Pricing and Customization With Your Needs in Mind

Our customers love that we make our pricing structure easy to understand and that we make sure they have access to all our solutions, without unwanted surprises or unecessary complex tier-based pacakges.

Your subscription will give you full access to our entire training, email templates, and landing page library to provide better leverage to a wide variety of content.

You can customize all the content inside the platform without any added costs.

You can opt for customizing the content in-house or hire our managed services team to support you.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments of your employees

Our data-oriented approach helps you thoroughly analyze your Human Risk posture.

Our risk score algorithm analyzes user behavior across all risk factors to quantify a user risk score and profile.

Risk ratings are segmented to all levels: employee, department, office location, and company.

Higher visibility of vulnerabilities that will drive infrastructure budgets.

Highlighting departments and employees that demand more attention.

knowbe4 alternative, knowbe4 training

And there's more!

Simplified Pricing

No unwanted surprises or unnecessary tier-based packages. One subscription gives you full access to our platform.

User-friendly Solutions

Mobile and desktop training, with a “learn from anywhere” approach that adapts to your users’ schedules and lifestyles. 

Customize Your Content

Customize your training content with no additional fees, and upgrade your cyber awareness program.

Right-Hand’s Solutions are User-Friendly

Right-Hand’s solutions target user convenience. We automate the cyber awareness space and create a personalized journey for each employee, making Right-Hand the most user-friendly alternative for Security Awareness Training.

"Learn from anywhere" approach provides the same experience for users in mobile apps and desktop devices, in offices or Uber rides, or anywhere they want.

Our training adapts to users' schedules and lifestyles, reminding them with notifications.

Users receive the training they need based on their performance, and are free to explore the content they want in the library

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