Phishing Readiness Platform

Automated Phishing Simulations

Phishing Readiness will make your employees less susceptible to malicious phishing attacks, equipping them to be your first and best line of defense against cyber threats, by sending automated phishing simulations.

Phishing Simulation Platform - Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Personalized and Automated Phishing Simulations


Send highly-personalized emails to your employees, simulating real-world phishing attacks from our massive content library.


Automated phishing simulations to make it easier for you to emulate a real-world phishing attack.

Real-time Training

Automatically deliver remedial training the moment an employee engages a phishing simulation, driving safer decisions in the future.

Phishing Readiness at a glance

Phishing Readiness prepares your employees to identify various attacker techniques, such as Spear Phishing, Business Email Compromise, and Social Engineering attacks. Download the datasheet to learn more.

How It Works

How Phishing Simulations Work


Create the campaign by selecting your phishing  simulation email template and target audience.


Schedule and send the phishing simulation campaign with a click of a button.


Train your users in real-time, fixing risky behaviors on the spot.


Monitor and run reports at any time for visibility into employee performance.

Identify, Report and Remediate Phishing Threats 

Phishing Simulations

Our Phishing Readiness solution creates large-scale simulations integrated with real-time training to prepare your employees to identify threats. 

Phishing Reporting

Empower your employees with PhishArm to easily and quily report suspicious emails, while giving SecOps teams the tools to run automatic analysis on reports.

Phishing Remediation

Email Quarantine Automation will query and quarantine phishing emails, making it easier to remediate threats on all user inboxes.

Case Study

Utilities Organization Changes Employee Behavior With Teachable Moments

“The simplicity of setting up and running the campaign and generating an executive report at the end of the campaign was convenient and was reflected in the metrics we received,”

CISO, Government Power Provider

cybersecurity training for government power provider
Phishing Readiness

Personalized and Automated
Phishing Simulations

Unlimited Simulated Attacks

Send phishing simulations as often as you’d like.

Real-time Analytics

See risk reports and analytics for employees, departments, and branches, to identify groups who require additional help.

Extensive Library

Choose from hundreds of email templates or build your own with automation.

Custom Deployment

Onboarding is easy and can be catered to your preferences, using a CSV import or Active Directory Integration.

Real-world Attacker TTPs

Simulate real-world attacker tactics, techniques and procedures to condition employee behavior.

User Improvement on the Spot

Deploy training automatically and analyze employee risk scores based on individuals, departments, and teams.

Ready to Personalize and Automate Your Phishing Simulations?