Empower Employees to Detect and Report Malicious Emails

PhishArm enables your employees to report malicious or simulated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defense security solutions with a O365 or Google Workspace integration.

Automated Phishing Reporting and Investigation

Create and launch a campaign in minutes, and see measurable
improvements in risky behaviors.


PhishArm integrates directly into your email suite, creating a zero-friction experience for your users.


Automated analysis identifies malicious emails, immediately separating real threats from false positives.


Security staff see real-time alerts, enabling them to take fast action where needed to minimize risk of a future attack.

PhishArm at a glance

Enable your workforce to report phishing threats easily and automate your mitigation process with PhishArm.

How It Works

How PhishArm Works


Easily install and configure PhishArm in every employee’s email client.


Teach employees about their role in defending against cyber threats.


Malicious emails reported by employees will appear in your admin dashboard.


Our URL Analysis Engine will determine if each reported email is malicious as your first line of investigation.

Identify, Report and Remediate Phishing Threats 

Phishing Simulations

Our Phishing Readiness solution creates large-scale simulations integrated with real-time training to prepare your employees to identify threats. 

Phishing Reporting

Empower your employees with PhishArm to easily and quily report suspicious emails, while giving SecOps teams the tools to run automatic analysis on reports.

Phishing Remediation

Email Quarantine Automation will query and quarantine phishing emails, making it easier to remediate threats on all user inboxes.

Case Study

SaaS Enterprise Uses PhishArm to Improve User Detection and Reporting 

“PhishArm’s URL analysis engine helps us quickly identify if a reported email is malicious or not. My team only needed a few minutes to get up to speed on the platform.”

CISO, SaaS Enterprise

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips for Managers

Ready to Automate Your Phishing Detection, Reporting and Investigation?