Empower Your Workforce With a Free Phishing Reporting Platform

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are offering 12 months of free automated phishing reporting and URL analysis with PhishArm for any signups in October.   

phishing reporting

No more informal reporting

Drop Slack, emails, phone calls, and have a centralized, automated phishing reporting platform at your disposal.

Real-time notifications

Reduce the time to identify and respond to malicious phishing emails by looking at them as they come.

URL Analysis Engine

The moment an email is reported, it runs through a URL analysis engine to determine if the email is malicious or not.

Platform agnostic

PhishArm works with Office 365 or GSuite, becoming a perfect fit for any organization.  

Reporting flexibility

Users can report on browsers or mobile devices at the click of a button or by forwarding the suspicious message.

Analyze, organize, resolve

PhishArm allows admins to tag and organize suspicious messages, with rich analytics and insights.

PhishArm in action!

See in this short demo how users can do phishing reporting, and how admins can investigate and resolve these messages, in an automated and easy way. 

PhishArm’s URL analysis engine helps us quickly identify if a reported email is malicious or not.

CISO at Enterprise SaaS Company

Sign up Today and Enjoy 12 Months of Automated Phishing Reporting For Free!

Get advanced phishing reporting, and get rid of informal and inefficient processes that make your organization vulnerable. 

Get PhishArm today and fortify your defenses with an empowered workforce. 

This offer is valid only until October 31, 2021. 

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