Empower Employees to Identify and Report Malicious Emails

PhishArm enables your employees to report malicious or simulated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defense security solutions.

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PhishArm’s URL analysis engine helps us quickly identify if a reported email is malicious or not.

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PhishArm at a glance

Enable your workforce to report phishing threats easily and automate your mitigation process with PhishArm. Read the datasheet to find out how to mitigate attacks that bypass technological barriers and more. 

Why PhishArm

O365 & G Suite Plug-in

Compatible with Microsoft O365 and G Suite to empower your employees to serve as an extension of your security team.

Real-time notifications

Reduce the time to identify and respond to malicious phishing emails to decrease the risk of network infections and email intrusions.

URL Analysis Engine

The moment an email is reported, it runs through a URL analysis engine to determine if the email is malicious or not.

Copy Email Templates to Library

Copy any reported email template into your Email Template library, if you’re also using Phishing Readiness, to use in your next phishing simulation.

Delete Malicious Emails From Employee Inboxes

For all reported and confirmed malicious emails, delete those emails from all employee inboxes using our Email Quarantine Automation.

Integrate with Phishing Readiness

Integrate PhishArm with Phishing Readiness to track, congratulate and reward employees that report simulated attacks.

How PhishArm Works


Easily install and configure PhishArm in every employee’s email client.


Teach employees about their role in defending against cyber threats.


Malicious emails reported by employees will appear in your admin dashboard.


Our URL Analysis Engine will determine if each reported email is malicious as your first line of investigation.

Start building cyber culture today!