Managed Security Awareness Training (MSAT) for MSPs and MSSPs

Deliver high value and added security to your end-customers with Managed Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations for MSP/MSSPs.

82% of data breaches start with a human being

Organizations are actively looking for solutions to deal with an ever-evolving threat landscape of social engineering, ransomware, phishing, and all sorts of human risk-based attacks while finding quick and affordable ways to meet compliance standards.

This is an opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs to expand their portfolio and offer a Managed Security Awareness program for customers looking to implement human-layer security for their company. 

It’s a profitable way to increase your price per user for your clients without increasing your operational expenses. We’re here to help you achieve that.

Managed Security Awareness Training
The Security Awareness training total addressable market (TAM) is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2027, at a 19% CAGR.

High Value for MSPs/MSSPs

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Our Solutions

Phishing Simulations

Phishing Readiness will condition employees to become less susceptible to malicious phishing attacks by creating and launching custom phishing simulations.

Managed Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Training Readiness applies AI to assign gamified, customized, and bite-sized training modules to each employee based on their unique cybersecurity gaps.

Managed Security Awareness Training

Phishing Report + Remediation

Empower users to report suspicious emails with a single click, investigate quickly with automated processes, and eliminate threats in bulk with PhishArm and EQA.

Features that meet any Security Awareness challenge

We offer the flexibility for you to support your end customers, no matter how they need to structure their security awareness programs

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I’ve tested all the Security Awareness Platforms, and Right-Hand’s is the most automated and intuitive platform out there.

Security Manager, MSSP

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