Human Risk Management

Reduce Human Risk and Security Alerts with our HRM Platform

Our Human Risk Management integrates with your Security tech stack to understand your employees’ challenges and deliver targeted training in real-time.

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Transform Your Organization’s Security Behavor with Right-Hand


Uncover: Pinpoint employees at the highest human risk scores and susceptible to threats like phishing attacks.

Personalize: Automate and customize training modules based on unique risk profiles, learning preferences, and organizational culture.

Adapt: Monitor behavior changes and refine training programs for ongoing improvement.

Strengthen Culture: Cultivate a risk-aware and knowledgeable workforce for a robust security culture.

Reduce Risk: Fewer employee mistakes made equates to fewer alerts triaged. Reduce burdensome SOC alerts.

Ensure Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements confidently with comprehensive security readiness.

How It Works

How Human Risk Management Works


Your security tech integration generates an alert, based on risky user behavior


Users receive training nudges in a variety of channels, like Slack, Teams and email.

Granular Risk Scores

Behavior and training performance on a variety of nudges are compiled for all levels.


Reduce SOC alerts, prioritize workloads, and determine behavior change priorities.

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Mitigate Human Risk with our comprehensive integration marketplace. Integrate seamlessly with your current security stack to gain visibility into security alerts generated by employees.

Human Risk Management

Upgrade Your Security Culture With Right-Hand Human Risk Management Platform

Full Integration With Your Security Tech Solutions

Connect Human Risk Management to your security alerts, no matter where they come from, and ensure your employees will get the learning they need at the moment it’s more effective.

Social Engineering

Behavior and Performance-Based "In-the-Moment" Training

Unique learning journeys are delivered to your employees to either fill knowledge gaps or as an immediate response to human-based alerts.

Extensive Content Library and Customization

Start with our comprehensive content library and make it your own with customization. Deliver training that resonates with your voice and culture.   

Phishing Risk Mitigation With Instant Training

Turn unsuccessful simulations with instant learning sessions, automatically delivered to your employees’ screens. 

Extensive Library

Use our library with content about the most relevant cybersecurity topics.

In-Depth Analytics

Access risk reports and analytics for employees, departments, and branches, to the organization.

Granular Risk Metrics

No matter where your North Star is, or what KPIs your organization needs. We deliver behavioral change and human risk metrics on top of baseline data to drive more informed decisions

Measurable Security Culture

A view from the organization down to the individual user creates a comprehensive map of your human-centric security culture and posture.  

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