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82% of attacks involve the human element. Right-Hand helps enterprises personalize and automate training programs to more effectively reduce human risk, build cyber culture and fix security awareness.

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NEW - Managed Security Awareness Training (MSAT) for MSPs and MSSPs

Find out more about our new partner program and deliver high value and added security to your end-customers with Managed Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations.

Why Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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Artificial Intelligence

Easily automate and personalize your security awareness programs and customize content for your company.

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Accelerate employee learning curves by incorporating teams, leaderboards, points and rewards.

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Increase employee engagement and knowledge retention with short bite-sized learning modules.

How Right-Hand Helps Different Teams

CISOs & Security Teams

We empathize with understaffed and over burdened InfoSec teams, so we've built products that help fix security awareness.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Teams

Your corporate policies are meant to be read and understood! If they are sitting on SharePoint, an Intranet or LMS and collecting dust, then it’s impossible to track and measure if employees read, understand and retain your policy information. Our products eliminate these challenges.

HR & Awareness Teams

When it comes to employee training and awareness, we recognize success is measured in employee engagement. Our products utilize learning techniques to boost employee engagement and eNPS.

Right-Hand’s team has the passion, vision, and ability to disrupt the cyber-awareness market. Right-Hand built an engaging, customizable, automated, and gamified platform that enabled me to grow cybersecurity culture. And they did it in record time.


CISO at Enterprise SaaS Company

Our products

Compliance Readiness by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Increase policy awareness and compliance using A.I.

Import your corporate policies into our platform to generate customized content and training modules within seconds, allowing you to train your intended audience and measure their performance to fix security awareness.

Use for your InfoSec, Anti-Money Laundering, Code of Conduct/Misconduct, BYOD, Acceptable Use Policies and more

Comply with PDPA, CCPA, GDPA, MAS-TRM regulations and meet ISO 27001, SOC 2 certifications

Automated MCQ generation

Advanced reporting

100+ policy templates or build your own

Individual Employee Risk Scores

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Rather than spend time creating multiple training campaigns to target groups of users, our adaptive training engine learns your users’ role, geolocation, and previous training performance to create custom learning journeys using AI.

Personalized training curriculum for each employee in your company, according to their learning behavior

Interactive and gamified real-life scenarios

Risk score algorithm that analyzes user behavior across all risk factors to quantify a user risk score and profile

Mobile and desktop training, with a “learn from anywhere” approach

Customize your training content with no additional fees

Fit for any company size, from SMEs to enterprises with 1000s of employees

Fix security awareness and educate employees based on their at-risk behavior, by gamifying, customizing and consolidating training materials into engaging bite-sized micro-learning modules.

Customizable content in text, video, audio, GIF etc

Applies micro-learning to avoid user fatigue and increase general interest

Mobile Friendly


SCORM Compatible files

100+ training module content library

A.I Training Recommendation Engine

Cyber Training Platform - Cyber Awareness Training Platform by Right Hand
Phishing Readiness by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Condition your employees to become less susceptible to malicious cyber attacks, by creating and launching custom spear-phishing simulations. Fix security awareness by fighting the phish!

Use 100+ phishing email templates or build your own

Utilize real world attacker tactics and procedures

Customized attacks

Comprehensive employee behavior analysis and reporting

Integrated training in real-time

Empower employees to be an extension of your InfoSec team

Allow your employees to report malicious or simulated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defense security solutions.

O365 & G Suite phishing report button

Analyze and flag malicious emails using our automated URL Analysis Engine

Real-time notifications

Copy phishing emails into simulation library

Remove reported phishing emails from employee inbox

PhishArm by Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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