Security Awareness for Financial Services

With an interconnected mesh of banks and institutions, a single untrained employee can bring down revenues, credibility and networks. Find out how to create long-lasting good cyber behaviors in Financial Services.  

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The Risks Posed by Cyberattacks in Financial Services

Financial Services organizations are exposed more than ever. According to Kroll Security’s Q4 Threat Landscape Report, 13% of all cyberattacks target these organizations, including Ransomware and Business Email Compromise (BEC). 

Despite these increasing numbers, cybersecurity in financial services is also a cause for concern because of the connectivity between institutions. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that one attack at a central bank in the US could affect as many as 38% of the entire banking system

Combining that with the stats we already know, like 91% of data breaches starting with a phishing email, or 52% of security breaches coming from human error, Financial Services organizations cannot overlook human risk in their security assessment. 

According to the Boston Consulting Group, financial services institutions are 300 times more likely to suffer a cyberattack. 

Security Awareness Financial Services Solutions

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360° Phishing Protection

Phishing simulations, reports, and bulk mitigation of malicious messages allow for a complete human-based defense: prevention, detection and response.

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Adaptive Learning

Deliver gamified and mobile employee training autonomously, adjusting the curriculum in real-time based on a user’s previous performance.

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Compliance Training

Artificial Intelligence to convert policies and compliance documents into bite-sized and gamified training modules in just a few clicks.

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“This Adaptive Learning concept was unique to what I’ve observed in the security awareness industry. Most solutions deliver brush stroke training campaigns for all users, but Ally created unique curriculums for each user based on what they needed to know.”

Victor Vinogradov
CISO at Western Alliance Bancorporation

Read the Western Alliance Case Study.

Benefits of Financial Security Awareness

Risk Score

Get a granular view of risk inside your organization, identifying where you're most vulnerable with custom reports and single pane of glass dashboards.

Human Risk Mitigation

Deploy training, simulations and resources that effectively mitigate human risk on the spot, through automated identification of performance and engagement markers.

Budget Optimization

Find out where the platform and infrastructure needs lie when you pinpoint human vulnerabilities, at the individual level. Make informed decisions on expensive resources.

Custom Content

Make sure the training and simulation content reflects the particularities of Financial Services' day-to-day activities, and make cyberlearning more effective and closer to real life.

Real-Life Scenarios

Provide quicker transitions from training to work situations with content and simulations that recreate real-life scenarios.

Always Compliant

Keep up to date with strict new and updated financial sector policies with easy to deploy content and training. Avoid hefty fines and audits with awareness.

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