Email Quarantine Automation (EQA)

Respond and Remediate Phishing Emails With One Click

Email Quarantine Automation (EQA) allows security teams to query all employee mailboxes to find and isolate malicious emails.

Respond and Remediate Phishing Emails - Email Quarantine

Fast and Effective Response to
Phishing Attacks

If you’ve identified that one of your employees has received a malicious phishing email, your first question will be, ‘who else has received this, and how quickly can we take action?’  EQA allows you to query and quarantine phishing emails in any user inbox, in one click.

Enterprise Ready

Email Quarantine Automation integrates seamlessly with major enterprise SaaS email providers, and can be configured in minutes.

Rapid Response

Email Quarantine Automation empowers security teams with the visibility and control they need to take decisive action against malicious email threats.

Complete Solution

Email Quarantine Automation, PhishArm, and Phishing Readiness together comprise a complete solution for phishing prevention, detection, and response.

Email Quarantine Automation at a Glance

According to Verizon, 96% of social engineering attacks arrive through email. Check out the details behind EQA and how it fits into our complete human philosophy of phishing protection.

How It Works

How Email Quarantine Automation Works


Quick and easy deployment gives you immediate access to EQA commands in the PhishArm inbox.


Use PhishArm to perform an investigation on suspicious emails reported by users.


Tag emails as legitimate or malicious. If malicious, extract them from the users inbox, in one click.


Autoquarantine emails across all inboxes that received phishing emails.

Identify, Report and Remediate Phishing Threats 

Phishing Simulations

Our Phishing Readiness solution creates large-scale simulations integrated with real-time training to prepare your employees to identify threats. 

Phishing Reporting

Empower your employees with PhishArm to easily and quily report suspicious emails, while giving SecOps teams the tools to run automatic analysis on reports.

Phishing Remediation

Email Quarantine Automation will query and quarantine phishing emails, making it easier to remediate threats on all user inboxes.

Case Study

SaaS Enterprise Improves Phishing Remediation with Right-Hand

“Right-Hand’s team has the passion, vision, and ability to disrupt the cyber awareness market. They have built a more engaging, customized, automated, and gamified platform to build a cybersecurity culture.  My team only needed a few minutes to get up to speed on the platform.”

CISO, SaaS Enterprise

security awareness communication plan featured

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