The Last Frontier in Phishing Protection

Email Quarantine Automation (EQA) completes our 360° approach to phishing scams, offering automated and massive response to threats, straight on users’ inboxes.

Quarantine Malicious Emails with EQA by Righ-Hand Cybersecurity

Why Email Quarantine Automation?

O365 & G Suite Plug-in Integration

Compatible with Microsoft O365 and G Suite to work directly on the organization’s inboxes, offering an additional layer of defense

360° Readiness Against Phishing Attacks

Along with PhishArm with Phishing Readiness, Email Quarantine Automation is the one-stop shop for phishing prevention, detection and response.

Quarantine Malicious Emails on Inboxes

For all reported and confirmed malicious emails, quarantine those from all employee inboxes in bulk.

Copy Email Templates to Library

Copy any reported email template into your Email Template library, if you’re also using Phishing Readiness, to use in your next phishing simulation.

Delete Malicious Emails From Employee Inboxes

For all reported and confirmed malicious emails, delete those emails from all employee inboxes using our Email Quarantine Automation.

Real-time notifications

Reduce the time to identify and respond to malicious phishing emails to decrease the risk of network infections and email intrusions.

Email Quarantine Automation query

Email Quarantine Automation in-depth: Are You Ready?

According to Verizon, 96% of social engineering attacks arrive through email. Check out the details behind EQA and how it fits into our 360° philosophy of phishing protection.

How Email Quarantine Automation Works


Quick and easy enablement process gives you immediate access to EQA commands in the PhishArm inbox


Use PhishArm to perform an investigation on suspicious emails reported by users


Tag emails as legitimate or malicious. If malicious, extract them from the user inbox, at the touch of a button.


Use automated rules to respond to similar malicious emails on all inboxes and take action in bulk.

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