Spaced learning enables

knowledge retention.

Beating the forgetting curve is possible, and Ally is the secret. With spaced learning, Ally reinforces the right training at the right time.

How fast do users forget what they have learned?


of knowledge fades 20 minutes after learning.


of knowledge fades only 1 day after learning.


of knowledge fades 30 days after learning.

Ally delivers automated spaced learning, tailored for users’ needs, at the points they most need reinforcement.

How Ally beats the forgetting curve

Information repackaging

Based on user performance, Ally will repackage content and deliver it in different ways, filling all knowledge gaps in a timely manner.

Spaced learning

Ally delivers ongoing and automated reinforcement when users need it. Spaced learning beats the forgetting curve, while annual, static training feeds it.

Turn forgetting curve into retention with Ally

Ally delivers automated reinforcement to easily drive knowledge retention.