Australian Investment Fund Raises Employee Cybersecurity Engagement using 30-day Cyber Fitness Challenge


The financial sector is one of the most demanding ones in terms of cybersecurity, so these companies are very strict in their choice of partners and vendors.

One of the biggest investment funds in Australia utilized Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s free tool, the Cyber Fitness Challenge, to raise employee engagement, awareness, and interest in critical cybersecurity topics in a matter of 30 days, with amazing results. 

Case study - Australian Investment Fund

This was the first product we came across that claimed on using a 30-day challenge to educate our users, and it turned out to be a lot of fun with high levels of engagement.


Cyber Security Architect


The client’s IT team was looking for a solution that could provide relevant and instant cybersecurity knowledge to their employees to increase their workforce security posture.

They decided to register all 40 employees into the Cyber Fitness Challenge to test out a new way to engage them in cyber awareness training.

“Cyber Fitness Challenge has a simplified approach and was able to initiate conversations around cybersecurity among our employees.” – Senior Business Analyst

Why Right-Hand

The Cyber Fitness Challenge got the client’s attention for its unique gamified approach, which they haven’t seen before from other vendors.

Cyber Fitness Challenges’ easy development was also a key differentiator for the team.

“Registering into the tool was as easy as filling out a form, which was done within a minute. The product was seamless to deploy and to use. The self-service aspect of the platform took care of the deployment while the gamification aspect took care of engagement.” Cyber Security Architect

After onboarding was complete, each employee received an automated daily email notification and cybersecurity-related questions directly to their inbox, which made employee engagement convenient.

“The daily emails helped our employees quickly understand the methodology behind the challenge. Also, the email response approach simplified our team’s experience.” – Senior Business Analyst


The daily emails sent from the Cyber Fitness Challenge’s automated platform generated excitement among employees!

“The daily emails were something our team looked forward to in the morning. We also felt the excitement from our employees to see where they placed on the ranking each day against the rest of the group.” – Cyber Security Architect

The team was also able to quickly see the impact of the relevant content delivered through the 30 days of the Cyber Fitness Challenge, which helped start conversations about cybersecurity within different departments.


“We need people to be aware of cybersecurity, and the fact that people were talking about it during and after the challenge meant that it had an impact.” – Senior Business Analyst

The client is now looking to keep the cybersecurity awareness momentum and maintain the same level of interest and engagement within their employees. Cyber Fitness Challenge opened the conversation for more gamified challenges in the future.

About the 30-Day Cyber Fitness Challenge

The Cyber Fitness Challenge is a free tool developed by Right-Hand Cybersecurity to help companies experience the power of gamification and bite-sized cyber awareness training. By registering their employees, companies are immediately able to start a unique experience with a few clicks on a button.

Companies that join the challenge save time, money, and resources by using a self-service tool that sends a daily automated daily email throughout the course of 30 days. During the challenge, employees are tested through quick and engaging quizzes about all the main topics related to cybersecurity, such as phishing, malware, password management data privacy, and social media behavior.

The Cyber Fitness Challenge has gamification at its core strategy, in which employees that answer questions correctly and consistently get a higher score and can climb atop the leaderboard amongst their peers.

30-day Cyber Fitness Challenge

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