Innovative Human Risk Management: The Right-Hand & Crowdstrike Blueprint

How Crowdstrike's threat intelligence capabilities integrate with Right-Hand's Human Risk Management Platform


March 28, 2024

10:00 – 10:30 AM, PST

Adrian Golian

Staff Software Engineer and Solutions Architect, Right-Hand

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How Can Threat Detection and Human Risk Management Improve Your ROI and Reduce SOC Alerts?

Join us for an invaluable webinar where we will explore the Human Risk Management (HRM) capabilities of Right-Hand and Crowdstrike and how both companies together are addressing human risk in cybersecurity, offering hands-on knowledge for seamless integration.

The session will be enriched with practical insights, live demonstrations, and an interactive Q&A segment.

Seize this opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on revolutionizing your cybersecurity strategy with the Right-Hand and Crowdstrike integration.


Adrian Golian

Staff Software Engineer and Solutions Architect, Right-Hand​

Adrian leads our team of engineers, Adrian has a long experience in product development and data science, bringing also his entrepreneurial experience to understand and elevate our customers’ results in Human Risk Management. A “problem-solver at heart,” Adrian helps leading our efforts in integrating our HRM platform with the best-in-class Security platforms, including Crowdstrike.  

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Join us for:

  • An overview of Crowdstrike’s threat detection capabilities.
  • A step-by-step on how Right-Hand and Crowdstrike work together in Human Risk Management
  • A demo of how Crowdstrike alerts help change behaviors and reduce SOC alerts in HRM
  • How real-time nudges create a knowledgeable, risk-resistant workforce.  
  • And more!