Data Transparency: What Every User Should Know About Facebook

September 22, 2021

10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time

data privacy facebook
Theo Nasser Webinar

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Zamaan Qureshi

Policy Advisor, The Real Facebook Oversight Board

Zamaan Qureshi is Policy Advisor and Social Media Coordinator for the Real Facebook Oversight Board, Director of Business Development at Overlooked, and a researcher for The Citizens.

He also serves as President and Co-Founder of the Hinsdale Model United Nations, a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for world crises. 

Zamaan has bylines in the Byline Times, a U.K.-based publication for independent and freelance journalism.

Theo Nasser

CEO & Co-Founder,
Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Theo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Right-Hand Cybersecurity. Right-Hand offers SaaS solutions to help enterprises personalize and automate employee awareness programs to more effectively reduce human risk, build cyber culture and meet compliance standards.

Prior to founding Right-Hand, Theo worked at FireEye and SonicWall across the US and APAC in business development and sales leadership positions.

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