Building Cyber Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment

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Dick Wilkinson

CTO, Supreme Court of New Mexico

Dick is the Chief Technology Officer on staff with the Supreme Court of New Mexico. He is also the Co-founder and CTO of Proof Labs inc. He is a recently retired Army Warrant Officer with 20 years of experience in the intelligence and cybersecurity field. He has led diverse technical missions ranging from satellite operations, combat field digital forensics, enterprise cybersecurity as well as cyber research for the Secretary of Defense.

Matthew Rosenquist

CISO, Eclipz

Matthew is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Eclipz, the former Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp, and benefits from 30 diverse years in the fields of cyber, physical, and information security. As a cybersecurity strategist, he identifies emerging risks and opportunities to help organizations balance threats, costs, and usability factors to achieve an optimal level of security. Matthew is a member of multiple advisory boards and consults on best practices and emerging risks to academic, business, and government audiences across the globe.

Theo Nasser

CEO, Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Theo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Right-Hand Cybersecurity. Right-Hand offers SaaS solutions to help enterprises personalize and automate employee awareness programs to more effectively reduce human risk, build cyber culture and meet compliance standards. Prior to founding Right-Hand, Theo worked at FireEye and SonicWall across the US and APAC in business development and sales leadership positions.

Building Cyber Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment

Nearly 50% of businesses say work-from-home policies have hurt their cybersecurity practices, according to Verizon’s (VZ) 2021 Mobile Security Index.  As WFH policies become more flexible, some companies consider maintaining a remote working model moving forward, while others explore a hybrid work environment for their staff. 

In this webinar, our guest speakers Dick Wilkinson, CTO at the Supreme Court of New Mexico, and Matthew Rosenquist, CISO at Eclipz, discuss how Security Leaders can balance the WFH reality while building and maintaining Cyber Culture across their workforce.

Join us to get insights on how this process can be done successfully given ongoing physical limitations, and what success might look like.

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