SaaS Enterprise Builds Cyber Culture and Increases Employee Engagement With Right-Hand Cybersecurity


This Right-Hand client is a SaaS leading company in the education technology sector serving over 15,000 institutions globally and has employees stationed in offices wideworldwide.

Over 30 million users use their platform. To better comply with cybersecurity regulations and frameworks to protect its customers’ data and mitigate cyber risks, the SaaS company’s CISO trusts Right-Hand Cybersecurity’s employee cyber awareness solutions for its global employee population.

SaaS Enterprise Builds Cyber Culture with Right-Hand

Right-Hand’s team has the passion, vision, and ability to disrupt the cyber awareness market. They have built a more engaging, customized, automated, and gamified platform to build a cybersecurity culture. 



The SaaS company needed a solution to help accelerate and automate the employee cyber awareness program adoption across its workforce.

The company has always been aware of the importance of cybersecurity awareness programs. To influence cybersecurity behavior change across all employees, their CISO said:

“We needed a customized solution that could help us deliver a more engaging educational experience, instead of a tiring and uninteresting series of one size fit all videos.”

Why Right-Hand

Right-Hand’s vision was one of the key reasons the SaaS company acquired its products.

Unlike competitors that have been in the market for a long time, the foundation of Right-Hand’s solutions utilizes Machine Learning to automate and customize cyber awareness programs to each of its customers and each of its employees at scale.

Right-Hand’s solutions are also cost-effective, gamified and offered as a subscription so they are easy to manage and to use.

Right-Hand’s platform also saves time for security teams, as evidenced by their CISO, “My team only needed a few minutes to get up to speed on the platform.” By saving the resources that previously were dedicated to adopting third-party solutions, the company now has more time and resources to address other cyber issues.


The SaaS company currently utilizes Right-Hand’s Phishing Readiness, PhishArm, Training Readiness, and Compliance Readiness products. 

Compliance Readiness uses Machine Learning to ingest each of the company’s corporate policies and runs them through its engine to automate employee policy awareness.

“Our organization maintains sets of policies that aim to mitigate risks across our business. But like most companies, it’s hard to measure if employees read, understand, and retain the information of every one of our policies. Compliance Readiness solves this critical problem for us with their Machine Learning engine,” their CISO noted.

The Machine Learning engine scans each policy and generates byte-sized training modules and multiple-choice questions within 5 seconds. The training modules and quizzes are distributed to the workforce, and then reports are generated to analyze and measure user behavior and employee performance.

Phishing Readiness enables organizations to create, distribute and measure custom and targeted phishing emails to their employees to make them less vulnerable to phishing
attacks. PhishArm is an O365 and Gmail plug-in that empowers employees to report emails into Right-Hand’s platform for deeper analysis.

“PhishArm s URL analysis engine helps us quickly identify if a reported email is malicious or not,” added their CISO.

The Saas company also leverages Training Readiness, a gamified, customized, and byte-sized e-learning platform to educate employees on cyber essentials.

Training Readiness seamlessly integrates with Phishing Readiness and Compliance Readiness. Organizations can train employees in real-time if they engage in a phishing simulation or fail a policy compliance quiz. “This allows for immediate employee risk mitigation while giving our security team visibility into employee behavior every step of the way,” said their CISO.

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