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[Product Updates] What’s New at Right-Hand πŸš€ May 2022

May comes with changes for challenged users, Active Directory mapping, and lots of improvements. We are not stopping, it’s not even mid-year yet.

An improved way to assign a risk score to only those users who were challenged by the Right-Hand portal.

If you want to assign a Risk Score to only those employees using our solutions, you can change the Risk Qualification Criteria accordingly.

It will assign a risk score to only those users who match one of the following scenarios.

  • Received a phishing campaign
  • Received a training campaign
  • Started their Ally journey.

Map your Active Directory fields easily to the Right-Hand agent.

If you are storing your data in fields different from what our ADI agent was using to sync your data, now you will get more flexibility to map your fields.

An easy way to export your Training Campaign data into CSV.

If you want to analyze your training campaign data offline, now you can export it to CSV with one click.

What else is new?

  • We incorporated Campaign Name in Phishing Readiness and Training Readiness Reports, to make it easier to identify them.
  • You can see training completion time in the Training Reports, another way of measuring performance and engagement.
  • You can now select the day in the engagement range filter when creating a new campaign.
  • See a report of users who have not engaged with any phishing emails over a selected period, to have another view of engagement.

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