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[Product Updates] What’s New at Right-Hand ? April 2022

This month’s theme seems to be employee engagement, but there’s a lot more. We get our ideas from you and would love to hear what you need. See what we came up with in April. 

An easy way to target campaigns based on employee engagement count

Now, besides the various ways you can filter the targeting of your training campaigns, you can also add “Engagement” as a filter. This way, you can select users based on involvement with past training and more effectively mitigate knowledge gaps.

target filters blog

Enhanced filtering for Google Directory Sync

With enhanced filtering for Google Directory sync, you’ll have the flexibility to choose what user groups or OU you want to sync from your Google Directory to Right-Hand.

enhanced filtering blog

An easy way to generate reports of repeat offenders

We have made it easier to segment training campaigns based on engagement, and we are improving engagement-based analytics on Reports V2.1.

With the “No. of Engagements” filter under “Phishing Readiness” reports, you can drill down on other performance criteria. 

reportsv21 blog


Make dashboard access easy for your employees with our newest OKTA + SAML 2.0 integration. In one click, users will access their profile and training content.

okta saml blog

Progress bars to track learning progress

We’ve added progress bars on Ally’s self-learning tab, so you and your users can see how far they’ve gone on their training program.

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Department & Office Location Leaderboards

Adding another layer of friendly competition to Ally, now you can view leaderboards based on departments and office locations. How do they fare when compared against another?

department location blog

Reported email notifications to multiple recipients

Suppose you want to notify multiple departments or people when an employee reports a non-simulation email with PhishArm. In that case, you can specify all those emails in a comma-separated format in the notification tab.

Our system will forward email packets to all those recipients you will specify in the Forwarded Email text box.

phisharm 22 blog

Interested in automating your Security Awareness? 

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