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How Right-Hand Uses Managed Services to Drive Customer Success

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As a cybersecurity customer, you probably wondered: “last year, we didn’t accomplish our goals because we couldn’t invest time and resources. This is a great solution, but we can’t keep up.”

It is particularly challenging to manage Security Awareness, an extraordinarily complex and time-consuming activity. Off-the-shelf solutions are effective to a certain point, and creating customized content, templates, and others demands resources that are already in short supply.

From when Right-Hand started, we chose to enhance our solutions with the offer of Managed Services. As part of our customer-first approach, they come to support our clients with tasks that take their Security Awareness programs to another level to seize all the benefits.

The advantages are superior ROI, greater user engagement, and the bottom line is a secure and resilient organization built on a solid cyber awareness culture.
This article will cover how Right-Hand’s Managed Services work, why we offer them, and how they can improve the lives of cybersecurity leaders, infosec teams, and users.

Why Managed Services?

One of the challenges we identified for infosec teams when we started Right-Hand three years ago was that they are understaffed and overworked to manage the demands of Security Awareness.
The need to engage users, create training content, phishing simulation templates, and manage reporting and analytics while dealing with other cybersecurity priorities takes teams beyond their limits.

On top of that, CISOs and other leaders have to manage that availability in a cybersecurity labor shortage and the need for budget optimizations. For smaller companies, headcount matters even more.

For any company size, Managed Services (MS) in Security Awareness come as an alternative to outsourcing tasks for which infosec teams can’t meet a third-party expert’s time and resources requirements.
Right-Hand offers Managed Services to support from the management of training campaigns to creating content for these campaigns, and a lot more in between.

“One of the main challenges our security industry faces is the cyber skills gap. There are not enough security professionals to handle the high volume of security alerts and attacks. By offering our customers an option for Managed Services, we are giving them an opportunity to implement their security awareness program without allocating their time or resources to operate our platform.”

Theo Nasser

Managed Services as an Extension of our Customer-First Mindset

Let’s move back to our customer-first mindset and how we constantly work hard to ease the lives of our customers. We continuously perform market research and get customers’ feedback and valuable input to detect the pain points and what we can develop to deliver what’s needed by our customers. 

Similar is the case with our idea of offering Managed Services. Starting from our customers’ challenges, we try to understand what will get them to achieve their goals, from user engagement to risk mitigation (translated in risk score and other analytics). 

From that point, understanding the resources they have available (staff, support), we try to embed Managed Services to make sure their Security Awareness programs match our solutions to maximize their investment.

“With Right-Hand’s Managed Services offering, we can leverage their expertise to deliver cybersecurity awareness, while at the same time provide specific training modules that map to our corporate GRC policies, all through the same platform.”

Right-Hand Customer

Implementing Managed Services for our Customers

Sometimes, when we talk to the customer or review their usage, we find opportunities to expand their cyber awareness programs and extract more from their key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement, risk scores, and others.
As part of the responsibilities of our Customer Success Team, they inquire customers about untapped opportunities we can explore to expand their usage and increase their results during our monthly checkups or annual renewal calls. 

Suppose we see indications of a lack of resources to fully explore these opportunities (“we didn’t have time to go for it”). That’s when we start planning for Managed Services with our customers.
This way, we protect their investment and increase the ROI of their Security Awareness programs by providing Managed Services. But how do we implement them? 
As with everything we do, it starts with the customer’s unique challenges and culture. 

We become an extension of the customer’s infosec team, acting as they would if they had the time and resources. Here’s the short version:

  1. We understand the customer’s vision and requirements: what problems do they need to solve, the extra mile they want to go to, and the desired outcome with the additional help?
  2. We design the campaigns following the requirements: the creation process follows their culture, identity, vision, and challenges closely. 
  3. Send out the campaigns to the customer for approval: we make sure delivery matches the briefing, so the launch goes without any problems. 
  4. Once they approve, we send it out to the users and monitor the launch.  
  5. By the month-end, we send the report to the customers: lessons learned, measure the results and talk next steps.

“With Right-Hand’s Managed Services offering, we can leverage their expertise to deliver cybersecurity awareness, while at the same time provide specific training modules that map to our corporate GRC policies, all through the same platform.”

Right-Hand Customer

Managed Services Fit in Any Organization

Our Managed Services offer is flexible enough for any organization, regardless of size or industry. 
Smaller companies (SMEs) especially do not have the resources and budgets to find and hire an additional staff to deal with the customizations, analytics, and campaigns related to Security Awareness training.
In that case, our Managed Service team sits beside their InfoSec leadership to make sure these programs run smoothly and supports their organization as they scale. 

We similarly offer Managed Services for enterprise customers to support already large structures that deal with various cybersecurity aspects at once and see an advantage in keeping headcount for Security Awareness low or looking for additional help for specific projects and campaigns. 
Either way, we allow customers to employ our team as needed and when needed.

“We have received a great deal of help and regular follow-up from Right-Hand’s Customer Success team, saving us time on setup, onboarding, and execution. It’s been a great partnership.”

Right-Hand Customer

Managed Services Work Differently in Different Solutions

Our flexibility in Managed Services is not limited to our customers. We offer different support types according to our solutions as well. For some, our support involves content. For others, it requires reporting, and all of them will provide full reporting support. 
Here’s a quick reference as to how we perform Managed Services according to our solutions:

Security Awareness Training (Training Readiness)

  • Training curriculum development
  • Training campaign customization
  • Fully customized training content
  • Complete reporting

Phishing Simulations (Phishing Readiness)

  • Simulation campaign creation and deployment
  • Phishing email templates creation
  • Complete reporting

GDR Management and Training (Compliance Readiness)

  • Conversion of policies into training modules
  • Policy training campaigns creation and deployment
  • Complete reporting

Importance of Managed Services

We aim to offer higher ROI to our customers when we offer Managed Services, but there’s a lot more to them. Regardless of our solutions, Managed Services is a solid example of going beyond the code: we offer more than platforms, becoming trusted Security Awareness partners to our customers.

“We take accountability. We take ownership. We step ahead – we study that particular software and understand how we can make things easy for our customers. Customers do not have to do a lot of run-around.”

Soumalya Mitra
Customer Success Manager

Being so, the benefits of Managed Services cover aspects beyond the financial ones, such as:

  1. Time to focus on what’s important: With our Managed Services, customers can leave the Security Awareness training and troubleshooting to us and get the chance to focus on more strategic aspects of cybersecurity.
  2. Expert advice and recommendation: Leading the reports and analytics for our customers, and with the experience gathered by doing the same for many more customers, we are able to advise on how to improve their risk scores and improve their cyber awareness programs.
  3. Improved content management: Whether it’s training or phishing simulations, expanding the off-the-shelf library with custom content presents several advantages. We provide our customers with content that is relevant, that adheres to compliance needs and that resonates with corporate language and culture. 
  4. Accountability and ownership: We take complete responsibility and ensure optimal management of the services customers have bought, improving results without added effort from their InfoSec teams.
  5. All of the above is done at an extremely marginal cost.

What’s the Future of Right-Hand’s Managed Services?

As we move forward as a company, autonomous Security Awareness training solutions, like Ally, will take center stage.
However, Managed Services will still be part of our customer strategy. Customers will still get our support for their cyber awareness programs. We will provide them with even more strategic advisory, be more embedded in their programs, and provide more return on their investment.

The secret ingredient, as usual, is listening closely to customer challenges, investing in solutions that resonate with these challenges, and molding services that are unique to each one of them. 

If you’re interested in knowing how our solutions and the Manage Services that support them work together, you can request a free trial today using the link below. We’d love to show you the unique way we can help your cyber awareness programs!

Interested in automating your Security Awareness? 

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