[Product Updates] What’s New at Right-Hand ? March 2022

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We’ve been working hard on updates over the last month, and one of the most exciting ones we’ve come up with involves getting back at scammers using their phishing emails!  

However, what’s REALLY exciting is that now we have a live webinar to showcase our updates, and here’s the recording for the first session, held on March 15. Check it out!

? Using PhishTwin to easily train your employees with real-life phishing attacks

Turn reported emails into training materials with a few clicks. PhishTwin uses real malicious emails that find their way into your organization as templates for phishing simulations.

You will have a reduced workload coming up with templates, the process allows for a quick setup, and the simulations will be 100% closely related to real-life scenarios.  


Curious about PhishTwin?

Register for our free “Simulate Real-World Phishing Emails” webinar on March 22 to see it in action!

? Save time when creating custom reports

Our latest updates to the reports module will help you generate custom reports for online and offline analysis. Save time and get even deeper insights. 

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? Get easy access to the latest releases

We love widgets, so we created one right on the dashboard for you to keep up with everything new in our solutions. Get first-hand updates and try them as we roll them out!

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