Phishing Protection with EQA : How Right-Hand’s Email Quarantine Automation Mitigates Human Risk on Inboxes, Like Magic

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Phishing protection is like advanced science: you can make it sophisticated enough to get mistaken with magic. And it has to be so: phishing scams are the most recurrent type of cybercrime, according to the FBI, affecting companies of all sizes and industries. 

In addition to that, these attacks target several inboxes at once. More diligent employees may detect and report malicious messages, while others still have them in their inboxes and may interact with them. In other words, your risk is still high, and you need a better way to analyze and resolve all instances of a single attack at once. 

Every day, we at Right-Hand challenge ourselves to ensure these doors are locked, including corporate inboxes. We come up with solutions that take phishing protection from plan to reality and aim to improve your defenses.

That blueprint is known to all Cybersecurity professionals, with three stages working in unison: Prevention, Detection, and Response. Above all, the unified approach minimizes the risk and turns employees into a solid corporate defense line against cyberattacks. 

Furthermore, we’re excited to share our latest development in phishing protection with you: Email Quarantine Automation. Or EQA, to shorten. 

Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

EQA as a gatekeeper on phishing protection

Firstly, let’s review the approach for each stage of phishing protection management and how we deal with it here at Right-Hand.

Problem“Our employees can’t identify the indicators of a phishing message.”“Our security team can’t see all the phishing emails sent to our users.” “We need an automated way to remediate suspicious emails that our employees receive  at scale.”
SolutionTraining and data-driven phishing simulationsUser-friendly phishing report tool compatible with O365 and GSuite that analyzes if phishing emails are safe or malicious.Remove malicious phishing emails directly from user inboxes with a single click 
Right-Hand’s ProductPhishing ReadinessPhishArmEmail Quarantine Automation

In conclusion, EQA is Right-Hand’s way of delivering a quick, automated, in bulk response to phishing threats. And it works like magic. 

Once the user reports an email threat through PhishArm, the admins have a detailed report of all suspicious and reported emails in their PhishArm inbox. Being so, they can investigate further (sender info, headers, links). 

The twist is that now with EQA, we’re empowering admins to adequately escalate the actions taken after review, both on the individual and bulk levels. This feature prevents users from even having the temptation to click on a malicious URL.

See how it works, from PhishArm to EQA. 

from PhishArm to Email Quarantine Automation - Right Hand Cybersecurity

Here are the main EQA features that will change phishing protection.

1. Restoring safe emails to inboxes

If one of your company’s employees falsely reports a phishing email, you can use PhishArm to analyze the email properly and mark it as safe. Therefore, employees won’t lose a potential helpful email. 

In addition, quarantine gives admins the time needed to assess and remediate, away from inboxes. EQA helps admins move safe messages back to users’ inboxes, all at the touch of a button. Like Phisharm, EQA communicates with both GSuite and Outlook, requiring less than 5 minutes of implementation to work.

EQA query

2. Threat elimination, in bulk

Attackers frequently send phishing emails to the masses to try and see if one or several users will bite the bait.  

So, if a single user reports a malicious phishing email that other users may have also received,  it can be challenging for security teams to mitigate this threat.

EQA solves this problem with a click on a button.  An admin can create an automated query to detect if other users have received the same malicious phishing email to their inbox and remove it entirely from all employee inboxes. In other words, EQA gives you complete visibility and control when attackers get greedy and try phishing multiple people within your employee population. 

You can delete the messages or preserve them in quarantine, away from users’ inboxes, but close enough to recover upon further inspection and clearance. As a result, quarantine acts as phishing protection insurance, separating sneaky malicious messages from legitimate communications. 

Phishing Protection with EQA - Separate malicious messages from legitimate communications

With EQA, we take another critical step into safeguarding your data assets, secure your company’s performance, and keep you free to focus on high-level cybersecurity strategies, relieving operational stress.

Let us show you how to get there by scheduling a demo of all phishing protection solutions, including EQA, today. There’s no magic formula for phishing protection, but we’re working hard on the next best thing.

Rodrigo Leme

Rodrigo Leme

Marketing Director for Right-Hand Cybersecurity, Rodrigo has over 20 years worth of experience in Technology companies in Brazil, US, Canada and other countries. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and loves everything tech, music, marketing, writing, and hockey (go Canucks!).

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