Mobile Learning
For Training and Education

Mobile learning, or m-learning, is a new way to access learning content via laptops, smartphones, tablets, and digital notebooks connected to the internet. Educational websites can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Mobile learning may include videos, animations, how-to-guides, games, quizzes, assessments, etc. Social learning elements may include discussion groups, connecting with experts, chatting with peers and knowledge sharing. 

Mobile learning (m-learning) advantages

  • Mobile learning is more accessible. Users can learn on the go, from anywhere, and at any time of the day. Mobile learners have instant access to relevant content. 
  • Self-paced learning allows mobile learners to learn at their own pace and may eliminate the pressure and frustration that may result from classroom learning.
  • Students have different learning styles. Some may be visual learners while others are auditory learners. Mobile learning supports all types of media creating more dynamic and engaging experiences.
  • Mobile learning makes it possible for content to be broken down into bite-sized pieces resulting in higher retention rates and faster completion times.
  • Collaboration with teachers and other mobile learners is possible with mobile learning. 
  • Mobile learning can be personalized to each student’s needs.
  • Mobile learning is cost-effective. Content can be distributed to thousands of users at the same time. 
  • Using interactive elements such as leaderboards, quizzes, and games, may engage and motivate learners.
  • Content can be changed or updated at any time.
  • Mobile learning may encourage continuous learning.

Be Aware of Mobile Learning Security!

  • Using unsecured, public wifi networks such as those found in libraries, malls, hotels, coffee shops, and airports can be open windows for cybercriminals. 
  • Third-party applications that do not use secure connections for data access can pose serious security risks.
  • Loss or theft of mobile devices can allow access to personal data and passwords. Make sure you use screen lock and multifactor authentication
  • Don’t forget to protect your mobile apps with secure passwords. Yes, even your learning apps! 

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