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This Marketing Technology SaaS company provides D2C solutions for thousands of clients. They have a global reach with customers and over 1,000 employees across the globe. Implementing data-driven security awareness to influence employee behavior change was their high priority.


A critical evaluation point for their Security team was to decide how to bring employees worldwide to a unified Human Risk Management program. As their Security Program Manager said, “we have a hybrid work model and needed scalable and customizable training to map to corporate policies, meeting the users where they are.”

But that was just the first item on their wishlist. Like many other organizations that talk to our team, they wanted their security awareness program to be unique. Their Security Program Manager stated, “Other solutions were too ‘check of the box,’ or ‘one size fits all,’ which didn’t resonate with our users. We wanted to find something less off the shelf and more engaging and bespoke.”

That personalization should also be reflected in the content and individualized training. Their Security Program Manager stated, “we wanted granularity in user reporting for more specific follow-ups and custom-tailored training specific to the user’s risks and gaps.”

case study martec - Security Awareness Platform for Marketing Technology Company

We evaluated and studied over a dozen vendors in the Security Awareness and Human Risk Management market. Right-Hand met all of our requirements and ultimately earned our business.

Security Program Manager

Why Right-Hand?

Right-Hand met all of the client’s organizational requirements.
The integration with the security team was a differential in the process. The manager shared, “the onboarding was easy with SSO, and we had a good experience with Right-Hand’s customer success team, with a full knowledge transfer and a solid guide for helping us configure custom configurations and automation within the platform.”

Once Right-Hand and the client worked on a successful implementation, the solution took over. With a global team and demand for targeted and long-lasting learning journeys, their manager felt Right-Hand could deliver the outcomes that the organization desired.

“The automated delivery of targeted employee user training has been a great alternative to traditional e-learning videos and quizzes. The gamified, micro-module, interactive user experience helps make the knowledge stick.”


The client currently utilizes a combination of Right-Hand’s Ally and Training Readiness products.

The security team benefits from the automation provided by Right-Hand’s solutions. Combined with the flexibility of custom content, their Security Program Manager feels the organization can focus on what’s important.

“One of our favorite features is automation. Once it gets configured and set up, the system will automatically run by itself across all users. Another one is being able to fine-tune and customize the content to map to our policies and corporate culture.”

As for the team, one of the most substantial benefits of Right-Hand’s solutions is noticeable from the manager’s observations:

“Gamification and micro-learning are great for user knowledge retention and overcoming the forgetting curve. That provides necessary reinforcement to users who need to fill specific knowledge gaps.”


Right-Hand’s solutions have become client favorites for both users and leadership.

As usual, an important measurement of success for any organization is when users start to go beyond the bare minimum and chase more cyber awareness on their own. Their Security Program Manager noticed an increased interest in security across the organization:

“After consuming some training, some users requested additional learning about how to identify phishing red flags. Some users kept consuming more training within the employee portal after completing the ones that they were assigned.”

The positive effect is streamlining plans for more sophisticated analysis, supported by Right-Hand’s reporting: “we want to look across all the teams and departments to identify which groups are most and least cyber ready, so the security team can offer targeted follow-ups for user groups as needed to mitigate human cyber risk.”

Most of Right-Hand’s success in making a change for the client comes from automation, customization, and targeted training content. That combination was unique in NextRoll’s sourcing process, according to their Security Program Manager:

“We evaluated and studied over a dozen vendors in the Security Awareness and Human Risk Management spaces. Right-Hand met all of our requirements and ultimately earned our business.”

About Ally

Ally is a gamified app that gives users personalized and gamified training nudges for in-the-moment education based on their risky behaviors and cyber awareness knowledge gaps.

About Training Readiness

Training Readiness applies AI to assign gamified, customized, and bite-sized training modules to each employee based on their unique gaps in cybersecurity knowledge.

About Right-Hand Cybersecurity

Right-Hand Cybersecurity provides a Human Risk Management platform to help organizations measure and reduce their employee cyber risk.

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