ISO 27001 Certification​ 

ISO 27001 is the international information security standard recognized world wide. It provides guidelines for developing appropriate Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)  focused on risk assessment and risk management.

Acquiring ISO 27001 certification provides a framework for building ISMS that identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks of an organization’s confidential information. An ISMS can safeguard a company’s confidential information and uphold its integrity as well as enable businesses to address relevant compliance requirements. ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that an organization has invested in the tools and systems to ensure that all data is sufficiently protected.

How to Obtain an ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 certification can refer to a company’s ISMS or to the certification of individuals who can implement ISO 27001.

Individuals who attend ISO 27001 certification training and pass the ISO 27001 certification exam will obtain a personal certificate issued in their name.

Organizations that develop and implement an ISMS that meet the requirements of ISO 27001 can request an audit of their system. If the ISMS is found to be compliant, the certification body will issue an ISO 27001 certificate.

How to prepare for ISO 27001 audit for certification

  • Scope your ISMS and define what information needs to be protected.
  • Conduct a risk assessment and establish a risk treatment plan.
  • Create an information security policy statement that is in line with the organizations goals and mission statement. This policy should take into account all relevant business, legal, regulatory, and contractual security requirements. The policy should be issued by the board and must clearly state to what parts of the organization the policy applies. 
  • Establish a risk treatment plan and a risk assessment report.
  • Define security roles and responsibilities including operating procedures for IT management.
  • Maintain records of training, skills, experience and qualifications of employees.
  • Monitor and measure the results of the training.
  • Inventory all assets and develop a plan for acceptable use of assets.
  • Conduct internal audits of the ISMS.
  • Record the results of the internal audits.
  • Conduct management reviews of ISMS 
  • Develop corrective actions and keep logs of user activities, exceptions and security events.

Ensure that employees are aligned with the ISO 27001 certification process

After an organization chooses an external certification audit, employees may have a new security and compliance responsibilities.

An automated and intelligent solution to drive your workforce’s policy awareness and proper training is essential. 

Right-Hand’s Compliance Readiness solution uses Machine Learning to drive behavior change and increase awareness of corporate policies.  Training Readiness‘s customized bite-sized learning approach provides the tools to guide employees to meet the ISO 27001 requirements.

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