Cybersecurity Training for Government Power Provider With Phishing Training and Reporting


This Right-Hand client is a Government regional and remote power provider, delivering power to more than hundreds of thousands of homes, communities, and businesses. 

This includes microgrids tailored to meet the unique needs of some of the most isolated and remote communities in the world.

cybersecurity training for government power provider

We wanted a product that looked at cyber awareness holistically, and could reduce human risk more effectively, build strong cyber culture and meet compliance standards.
Right-Hand met all of our requirements.



This client had a problem shared with many other companies globally. Their employees were disengaged from cybersecurity training, and the usual sources were repetitive and tedious.

The organization focused on correcting the training rather than influencing users towards good habits.

“Cybersecurity was seen as a compliance check box rather than a topic that piqued staff interest. After reviewing our existing processes, we realized that the content was repetitive, tedious, and not very intuitive,” says their CISO.

Why Right-Hand

Right-Hand’s solutions met their need for more engaging training content, fostering good habits among its employees. And these solutions also provided engagement and higher employee investment in their cyberculture.

“In the short amount of time we have been using Right-Hand, feedback from staff has indicated that they have become more cyber aware and more curious about cybersecurity,” their CISO reported.

The work of Right-Hand’s customer success team has also made a difference for them, especially in their need to customize the solution to their needs and culture. Their feedback was quickly added to the platform to fit their environment.

“The product is intuitive, easy to use, and cost-effective. It has provided us the flexibility to tailor the platform to our environment. We are eager to find out what the Right-Hand team will be offering next!” says the company’s CISO.


The organization currently utilizes Right-Hand’s Phishing Readiness, Training Readiness, and PhishArm.

They appreciated the ease and speed of going from onboarding to action right off the gate. “Right-Hand has a simple UI platform that is very intuitive, complemented by its extensive catalog of existing templates and the ability to tailor those templates to what suits the environment,” says their CISO.

Their entire workforce is already participating in simulations with Phishing Readiness. Along with Training Readiness, their employees benefited from knowing their gaps and how to correct them with timely training sessions.

One campaign targeted 200 employees at once, with more than satisfying results. “The simplicity of setting up and running the campaign and generating an executive report at the end of the campaign was convenient and was reflected in the metrics we received,” reported their CISO.


Right-Hand’s solutions have become client favorites for both users and leadership.

On the business side, “through the phishing campaigns, the platform has allowed us to obtain a comprehensive baseline cyber awareness score across the business. We could then identify who our ‘at-risk’ users were to help tailor specific content to target any gaps in their training,” reports their CISO.

He also saw a positive change in their workforce, both in training and reporting. “We have seen an increase in the number of phishing emails reported by staff. This is a clear indication that staff is more aware of what phishing emails look like.”

Most of Right-Hand’s success in making a change for this client comes from breaking with traditional training that underdelivers.

Their CISO summarises right-Hand’s unique training approach. “Other products were generic, requiring staff to complete long, tedious, and not very interactive training. Right-Hand’s short, bite-sized modules are set to make cybersecurity training interesting and likely to captivate the end-user’s attention once in use.”

About Phishing Readiness

Phishing Readiness conditions employees to become less susceptible to malicious phishing attacks by creating and launching custom phishing simulations.

About Training Readiness

Training Readiness applies AI to assign gamified, customised, and bite-sized training modules to each employee based on their unique gaps in cybersecurity knowledge.

About PhishArm

PhishArm enables your employees to identify and report malicious or simulated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defense security solutions.

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