Phishing Simulation in Singapore:How a Venture Capital Firm Built a Cybersecurity Culture


A global interactive entertainment venture capital firm out of Singapore tackled the challenge of improving cyberculture among their employees, in a comprehensive vision that combined training/simulation with action. 

The company counts on Right-Hand’s Phishing Readiness, PhishArm and Training Readiness products, delivered as a managed service, for all of their employee population.

case study phishing simulation in singapore - how a venture capital firm built a cybersecurity culture

The client works with Right-Hand to provide full support to their internal team, helping create a culture that creates more diligent and informed employees, putting cybersecurity first without impacting their productivity.


The client has limited IT and Security personnel in-house and therefore needs to rely on a third-party solution to serve as an extension to their internal team to support their cybersecurity efforts and strategy.

The company’s executive team realized the need for increased cybersecurity awareness, working with their employees to create a strong human risk management plan. For that reason, they decided to look for a phishing simulation and cybersecurity awareness training solution that could help them increase cyber awareness and prepare their employees for imminent cyber threats.

Because of its limited IT team size, they opted for a cyber awareness training solution delivered as managed services, which means the Right-Hand team researches and develops the real-world phishing simulations and cyber training curriculum on their behalf.

Why Right-Hand

The possibility of having Right-Hand’s solution delivered as managed services was a perfect fit for the client’s needs. The company required an efficient approach and continuous support to help train their team and a simple onboarding process to quickly address the evolving cyber threat landscape they were facing.

Also, the management team was aware of targeted simulations’ effectiveness in comparison to generic templates, which Right-Hand successfully offers. They also appreciated Right-Hand’s support, both in the implementation stage and during support chats and calls, leaving no issues unanswered.


Right-Hand’s targeted phishing simulations, and cybersecurity training about all different kinds of cyber attacks have helped increase cybersecurity awareness amongst the entire organization.

With all products being delivered as managed services, the client can now focus on their business’s core priorities while effectively building cyberculture. This is a crucial piece of their strategy to be able to grow and innovate as a business.

Right-Hand was able to serve the client solutions that helped employees become more vigilant and focused, therefore making the whole company better prepared and quicker to respond to all kinds of cyber threats born out of human risk.

About our solutions

PhishArm is a Right-Hand product that enables your employees to report malicious or simulated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defense security solutions, seamlessly integrated with both GSuite and Office 365.

Phishing Readiness will condition your employees to become less susceptible to malicious phishing attacks by creating and launching custom phishing simulations. The solution delivers behavior change in real-time, with training prompts attached to the simulation performance.

Training Readiness applies AI to assign gamified, customized, and bite-sized training modules to each employee based on their unique gaps in cybersecurity knowledge. This unique approach helps increase and accelerate employee awareness, engagement, knowledge retention, and behavior change.

Phishing Simulation in Singapore

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