cybersecurity culture in a remote work reality

Webinar Highlights: Building Cyber Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment

In case you missed our last webinar, ‘Building Cyber Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment’, here is your chance to get and overview of the great tips and insights shared by our guest speakers Dick Wilkinson, CTO of the Supreme Court of New Mexico, and Matthew Rosenquist, CISO of Eclipz.

5 Behaviors that Tell Your Employees Need a Different Cybersecurity Training Approach

5 Behaviors that Tell Your Employees Need a Different Cybersecurity Training Approach

The ultimate goal of a cybersecurity training program is to guide employees to make better and cyber-aware decisions. However, companies that deliver traditional training (aka long and tedious) fail to drive real behavior change.
Check out indicators that Security Leaders can look for to identify if a security awareness program approach needs to be reviewed.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Culture & How to Build It Blog Post

The Importance of Cyber Culture & How to Build It

The fact that only 25% of business leaders are confident in their company’s cybersecurity awareness sounds intriguing – and even alarming. More than ever, it is imperative that companies focus on building Cyber Culture and cultivate it in their workplace. The importance of Cyber Culture cannot be understated, so we created this blog post to break down this concept.

The Cost of Non-Compliant with PDPA & Why it Matters

The Cost of Non-Compliance with PDPA & Why it Matters

Let’s dive deep into the financial and non-financial costs related to non-compliance with PDPA. By following the PDPA frameworks and the information provided here correctly, your organization will do a better job avoiding financial losses, as well as preserving the brand reputation and market value.

Phishing Simulation Reports Blog

Are you Getting the Most Out of Your Phishing Simulation Reports?

Phishing simulations are among the most effective tools in the cyber awareness training toolkit to train individuals against online threats. However, simulating phishing attacks as a single action is not enough to prepare you to protect your employees from cybercrime. 

Top 3 Avoidable Employee Cybersecurity Risks

The journey of building cyber culture can be easier if your employees are aware and informed on how to improve their behaviors to avoid cybersecurity risks.
Here are 3 practical tips your employees can start implementing today. Although they might sound simple, these actions can drive an immediate impact in avoiding poor cyber decisions.

How we hire at Right-Hand careers

How we Hire at Right-Hand

At Right-Hand, we care passionately about our culture and who we hire. First and foremost, we hire people who share our core values and are excited to join our mission to make humans more defensible against cyber-threats.