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We are bringing our pioneering Human Risk Management platform and vision to Las Vegas. If you want to maximize your current security awareness program, visit us at Booth SC 420. Discover how our innovative HRM solutions can help you hit the jackpot in security management. Let’s transform your approach to human risk together!

The Human Risk Management Winning Hand

We have the right cards for you to build a solid HRM program. Check it out!

HRM Integrations

Our HRM solution integrates with your SIEM, EDR, Email Security, DLP and other security solutions to create real-time training nudges, policy interventions and richer insights.

Real-Time Training Nudges

Use Slack, Teams and email to deliver nudges based on employee behavior and alerts. Use the HRM integrations to turn alerts into learning opportunities the moment they exhibit a risky behavior.

Custom Content

Leverage multilingual and customized content tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of your organization. Use your voice, culture, and challenges to deliver more efficient content.

Risk Consolidation & Quantification

Through the security stack integrations and user behavior + performance, we deliver rich insights to you. That consolidation of risk allows a comprehensive picture of your security posture.

Meet us at Black Hat 2024

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