Real-world scenarios improve knowledge,


Ally applies theory into practice by training users with hands-on, real-world situations and scenarios.

Three Reasons why Hands-on Training works

It’s Fun

Slides, long reads, and technical speeches are boring, no two ways about it. Hands-on training is a more effective way to create a fun, light atmosphere that fosters growth.

It’s risk-free

Users learn by making mistakes. Feedback loops in real-time make learning more enjoyable and effective, without concerns for organizational or personal damages.

It’s effective

Hands-on training makes learning relatable so users can pivot what they learned through practice to the real world, without skipping a beat.

Ally provides ongoing hands-on, real-world scenarios to influence behavior across your organization.

How Ally uses real-world scenarios to influence behavior

Motivation and confidence

Real-world scenarios allow users to make mistakes until they build good habits to meet challenges on their routines with confidence.

Shorter learning curves

Ally helps drive training into action quickly with real-world scenarios. Get users cyber-ready to tackle all security threats.

Ally delivers real-world scenarios to improve learning

Building a motivated and cyber-ready workforce is possible with Ally.