Adaptive learning
makes training


Ally provides device-agnostic learning with a mobile-first app that takes training anywhere, at any time. See engagement rates going up and motivated users that interact with content at their best times to learn.

Adaptive learning is crucial for success


of Learning & Development (L&D) leaders say personalized learning is critical to engage users.


of L&D leaders think personalized learning is the most significant change in corporate training in the last decade.

We understand the differences in learning priorities

Business training priorities

Training has to serve the purpose of boosting performance and impacting the bottom line. Adaptive learning is the key to connect the two, filling individual gaps and fortifying the organization.

Individual training priorities

On the other hand, employees want to develop skills. Many of them think current corporate programs do not address their needs for knowledge. Ally’s adaptive learning makes them feel more confident about their role.

Ally supports all training priorities, motivating users and improving organizational resilience.

How does Ally deliver adaptive learning?

Users get the push at the right time

Users decide the best time to learn within the organization’s desired pace and goals. Ally sends training nudges to make sure users engage with training when needed.

Curated content on autopilot

Ally understands each user and delivers the content they need. They are also free to pursue individual interests, fulfilling theirs and the organization’s training priorities.

Adaptive learning is personal and works.
Ally delivers it.

Build the bridge between user and organization training needs and priorities with Ally. Schedule your demo today.